January 25th, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

the only way to make your dreams come true. is. to wake up.

Saturday night I dreamt about Tobey Maguire covered in blood. Suddenly I'm thinking "I have new dreams now."

I would like to take this opportunity to place the blame for my LJ icon 100x100-ly on tinted_glass and earenwe. tinted_glass, you’ve done it again. Do you know I had zero interest in Naruto until you IruNaru’d me into fandom? I think you’ve Violaf’d me into this one, too, which goes to show that, unlike everyone else who finds first a fandom, then a ship - I find a ship and then a fandom.

I’m doing this for ranchelle, to prove that I can write an LJ entry without mentioning The Fandom That Has Consumed Me For the Better Part of Half a Year. Since I guessed your movies, you can guess my books. *grin* It's always good to talk to you, and, since you said you don't get to see my writing, here are seven other people who write better. Everyone else seeing this is welcome to try, too. I'll be surprised if anyone guesses one! *grin*

Guess the books (okay, one's a play) and Collapse )

katherine_15, I received your letter! *wild with glee*

nescienx and arrch, your postcards got here, too! *beams*

tinted_glass and arwen_elvenfair, would you believe I sent those parcels on the 8th of January? And that they just got there? I'm so glad they did!

giaan and risax say I never talk about my real life any more, so:

Housemate just came in to say goodnight. I'm wearing the red jumper I pretty much always wear because it's now 4 degrees outside. I was drawing in the contract lecture today, and giaan, next to me, completed my drawing, with labels, just the way I'd wanted it. So when my housemate came in to say goodnight, I said, "You're wearing your green jumper! Like the way I drew it!" Then she pointed at me, at the bed, and then herself, saying, "Red. Blue. Green," for the colours all the pointed-at items were.



We're studying manslaughter in criminal law, and today our teacher said, "Let's discuss assault and battery. Slapping a person around the face is an assault. But that's depending on how hard the person was hit, and where he was standing, such as, on top of a cliff, or on top of the stairs."