March 31st, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

I Am Mina's Fight Club Fic.

yukihyou is here with me! *beams* On Tuesday night, we were out in Piccadilly Circus. She may be the only person I know who is capable of spending as much time as I can in Forbidden Planet. There is much laughter over my ability to say "Constantine" when I mean "strawberries". We walked into Burger King at 11pm, and there we talked about Constantine and Neil Gaiman, and I forgot the time completely. When we finally got back home, I looked at my watch and it was past one in the morning. She also managed to unearth an awful lot of my Harry/Peter and Constantine fic, and has vowed to make me post something before she leaves at the end of the week. Must you leave. Therefore I - should. *hides*

I was in Bournemouth last Friday, with giaan and Sam, and - Collapse )

tinted_glass did an amazing Fight Club storyboard, and asked us to guess what the story was. Her answer's here. And because she will always be my fluffy cloud, I wrote. This is clear evidence that I should stick to photograph-spams and not to writing fic.

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aingeal_isilme, I got your parcel! And whiteravensong, I got your postcard! *grin* It was so pretty I thought it was an advertisement! *hugs to kanekoichi for being incredibly sweet* Also, moonythestrals, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, SPEAR OF DESTINY INDEED. And you can kick me all day long if it'll make you write fic like this.

Yen is now reading Fake next to me. *evil grin* She hates me for bringing her to Forbidden Planet, and for somehow unearthing her John muse when we started talking about my Constantine plot ideas, all of which have plotholes you can drive a taxi through, as kannazuki finds very amusing. *evil grin* I'm afraid I regret nothing.

Our London household went to watch Hitch today. I did not squee the cinema down. But moonythestrals is right when she says the slash is so wasted on that movie. Also I dragged Yen to watch Constantine again. ohmygodandIlovethewayshethinks.