April 17th, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

turn a page, read my heart

For lacewood:

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As long as I'm on the subject of memes, I saw the icon one go round ranchelle and la_muerta, and decided I wanted to fill my own icons in and create new categories, Collapse )

londonmark has an utterly fascinating site in which he discusses smoking in a manner which makes me laugh hysterically, writes Spider-man 2 parodies and pretty interesting stories. He did a lovely Matrix parody: Collapse )

But the deleted scene (the links are on the right hand bar of his site, although he doesn't link every parody he does, like the Spider-man 2 one) that cracked me up the most was this one. The one where Harry Osborn goes, Collapse )

And because I spend too much time paying attention to smokers for nefarious purposes nowadays, here's what he said about smoking. I especially liked it when he said Collapse ) It's especially useful if anyone's writing comicverse! John Constantine, although at the moment I am clearly doing no such thing myself.

He also has a lovely piece on song lyrics and why we use them to say the words we can't. He has a lovely Collapse )

Because arrch, moonythestrals and kannazuki indulge me hopelessly, Collapse ).

kannazuki indulges me. Lots.
All canon Hellblazer fans, do not click this link. Do not. In fact, everyone else who likes Hellblazer or Constantine should not click this link either.
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I will post serious fic to make up for this lapse in sanity. Wait, what sanity...