July 7th, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

KKM Fic - Maou/Wolfram - "Taking Over Me"

In honour of this being my Kyou Kara Maou! Fic Exorcism Week (I'm getting rid of as many unfinished Kyou Kara Maou! stories as I have), here's:

Title: See You In Hell
Plot: John Constantine is summoned to Shin Makoku to fight the forces of the Maou, whose powers have become uncontrollable. Possessing an ordinary teenage boy, he has taken over a kingdom in an alternate plane of existence. John must enlist the help of notable psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Crane, while struggling to keep his hands off the Maou’s unusually attractive fiancé. But Jonathan Crane has another agenda of his own: Billionaire crime-fighter Bruce Wayne! And little does anyone know that this is a sinister plot by none other than the demon Balthazar, who’s got his eyes on more than the end of the world.

XD Don’t worry. Fiance’s and my little joke.

Pairing: Maou/Wolfram
Length: 1,214 words
For: Fiance. ^_~ Of course. firestorm717. Collapse )

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Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA


The worst part is the waiting. When you don't know if any of the hundred casualties they have is someone you know, someone you care about. When you don't know the names of the two people who died. When you're walking home and you're making a mental list of all the people you know in London, all the people in Britain who sometimes visit London, all the people you want to be safe but you don't know if they are. When you watch the news and you were Were they on that bus?, Were they at that station? When you're watching the news and you're not even in the same country and you want to cry. My parents called and so did my grandfather, to tell me what happened, but the impact really doesn't hit until you turn on the television and you see all the places you know on television, you see the country you've learned to love, and you want to know so badly if all the people you know are safe. When you look at the Tube stations that were bombed and you were, I used to live right next there, We go to eat there every month, OH GOD, SOMEONE I KNOW WORKS THERE. And you wait, because all the networks are jammed because so many people are trying to call people in London, and there is nothing for you to do but wait until you know that those you care about are safe.

risax, xtremesaints, clara_swift, aquapixie, lonedreameryaoi, frazzles, lanaya1980 - I hope you're all safe.

risax is safe.

Alan is all right. Linda is all right, I talked to her sister, and she's fine, too. Mai is fine. Tse Ren is fine. Ping is all right.

lacewood was in ROME and not in BRITAIN when it happened! I just talked to her! She's fine too.

giaan, xtremesaints: Jon (who hangs out with Abi) in London says that the Tavistock bomb was a hundred metres from our faculty. I hope Howard is all right. I hope Linda and Jo are all right.

Shit, I'm crying.

This is horrible.

ETA: The phones are back up!
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