July 26th, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

hot fun in the summer sun!

Although the weather in London has been far from hot lately. We are not amused.

For dorkodile and shaorankun!

Totally worksafe, if you don't mind Yuuri and Wolfram looking like they haven't any clothes on.

Wanted so badly to name this "Hot fun in the summer sun", but could not look at picture with straight face.

And you can bet I tried lots of positions with these images, but putting Wolfram in any other position looked spectacularly wrong.

And to think that I started off attempting to make a Conrad/Wolfram icon.

Anyway - Collapse )

And Star Wars fans should visit iharthdarth. Where the tag comes from. Lukey honey, stop eating sand. You're going to be sick.

Furthermore, one should never interfere in the affairs of muses, for mine are deeply poisonous and will pop up with unimaginable levels of fluff if I even attempt making anything in the realm of angst. Making a Constantine mood theme and icons and a Yami no Matsuei layout had them turn up at the end of the day and smack me with the sappiest Yuuri/Wolfram fluff I've ever had to endure for a long time. Like how perfectly this song fit this picture:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

And the icon that made me start shipping Ichigo/Ishida, which I saw by way of risax:

Collapse )

Speaking of which, Xy, cute Yachiru icons here.
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