October 11th, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Why Fangirls Should Never Be Let Into Law School

This means that I have no reading week and ... I'm sure I had another... oh yes, that means I'm now doing five modules when I should be doing four, but YES! AT LAST! I wanted so badly to do this course, and it was crazy how complicated it was to get permission from both universities to do this - this has been in the works since March this year!

Also today is important because Heika-housemate used a potato peeler as a screwdriver to put our table back together when it fell apart. I'm not sure whether this beats giaan and I using olive oil as a substitute for WD-40 when she got locked in our house (the lock was stuck fast).

Also I saw a fox in London for the first time in three years! I've always wanted to see a fox in London, and now I have! (This was in the first week!)

In the first week we went to see Howl's Moving Castle (yes, the UK is this slow when it comes to anime!) and it was so good, the best film I've watched all year (until the next one comes along). Looking at Howl is like getting the best of Maou! Yuuri and Conrad all in one person. Also, he was dubbed by Christian Bale. Collapse )

risax was watching Bleach yesterday and met farfello! *waves hello!* And she told me and I went down to their university and we met! And we watched Bleach! MY BANKAI AND YOUR BANKAI TOTALLY RULE SOUL SOCIETY. Byakuya HAD AN EXPRESSION! And we kept laughing at how it was so, so, so wrong - "Oh, yeah, your sword is so not going to touch me" wrongness, and we were talking and looking at fanart (fantastic Bya/Renji art) and my heavens what was the Weiss cast doing?! *huge grin* *waves BANKAI at homura*

risax and I went to watch Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls! IT WAS SO BRILLIANT. He did a fabulous rendition of Luck Be A Lady, and right at the end he's in uniform and it gets me the way looking at Conrad sometimes does. I'm so glad I got to see him perform onstage while he's Sky Masterton. Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat was a fabulous, fabulous song, and all the more unexpected because its singer is a character who's timid and retiring for most of the musical, so when he gets up and belts this song, it rules.

... okay, Yuuri and Wolfram are explaining the law of defamation inside my head. *shares it with all of you!* Basically, if you go around calling your Maou a henachoko, you'd better have these:
defences for defamation
Warning: very, very oversimplified, because I did this in the last academic year
1. Truth. He really IS a henachoko.
2. Fair comment. I think he is a henachoko, therefore I am allowed to say that he is one.
3. Can't prove damage. Damage is essential to a successful defamation suit. So if everyone in the kingdom already knew he was a henachoko, it doesn't matter if I say that he is.
4. He's a public figure. And so I can say anything I want about him, because his reputation is in the public domain!

That, and all through Jurisprudence today we were discussing the command theory of law and the concept of the sovereign, and I could not get Maou! Yuuri out of my head when we were discussing how law can be a command backed by a threat, and a sovereign is one who is habitually obeyed but does not habitually obey anyone else. (but surely a talking wall is no basis for any system of government?) Furthermore, I am of the opinion Maou/Shinou is totally hot.

I am so tired right now, but really, really glad.

Incidentally, this Yuuri/Wolfram checkers game kills me, because it is so cute and destructive because it is horribly addictive (it is so hard for me to win this one. The closest I get is a draw. The computer player is SMART.)

Also, ♥ little_ribbon. So much.
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