December 31st, 2005

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA


(if anyone thinks this is canon FFAC - WHICH CRACK SUBS WERE YOU WATCHING?! I WANT THEM TOO! ;D)

For firestorm717:

Cells - Sin City Version (Vocalless)
Cells - The Servant

This song spans two fandoms, 'cause it's from Sin City but fits FFAC disturbingly well. I acquired this song shortly before I went into Hong Kong, and while I was there I kept listening to it and it made me think of you. (:D The vocalless version of the song makes me think of not!Wolfram and Maou!Yuuri going at it like... well.) But Cells - it even fits gaming FF, it fits Rufus and his employees, fits Cloud and his stalker kyoudai, and of course, it fits Sephiroth and Kadaj. Because Rufus/Kadaj was the FFAC OTP that never was. >D

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They annoy me those who employ me
They could destroy me
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Now in I go like a fool
I can't resist dipping in the pool
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The sun goes up and the sun goes down
I drag myself into the town
All I do I want to do with you
Everyday I'm at my desk
At my desk I'm like the rest
All I do I want to do with you

The cells I am at the moment will soon die
But I will be here
Oh I'll still be here
- "Cells", The Servant -

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