December 3rd, 2006

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Tales of the Abyss Artwork and Fanfiction Recommendations

This Tales of the Abyss fanart site is utter and total love. I mean, way to go with chibi!Luke and the three cheegles following him for the splash page, but what really won my heart was the Collapse )

Also, kurot did great Abyss artwork here. What I've always loved about her style is that it takes the best of Abyss game artwork and incorporates her own unique touch so that you can tell it is both unmistakeably Abyss, and unmistakeably hers. And, she drew me MieuXGuy, what is there not to love.

Collapse )

And what really makes me happy is that excellent Abyss fanfiction has been turning up recently. chibimazoku, belserius and meimi have been doing some excellent work. Collapse )

Abyss C2 Community up on!