January 12th, 2007

Is That Lorelai's Key Or Are You Happy T

It is a good week to be an Avatar *and* an Abyss fan.

McDonald's. In my country. Is showing Kyou Kara Maou. This Sunday, at 10am. This may actually be one Sunday when I actually get out of bed that early. I was watching the ad while in Mac's today and laughing my head off deep inside of me because Yuuri is also voiced by the English voice actor who voiced Asch and Luke, and something tells me that there is no better reason to wake up that early on Sunday morning than to hear Asch/Luke get flushed down the toilet.

ALSO, Shocking Revelation of the Day #2: M Night Shyamalan to direct the live-action movie version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Thanks to you for bringing this to my attention: I am almost completely out of it online-wise! I thought it was just fans going wild, but it appears to be corroborated.

It is entirely lacewood's doing, this entire Avatar thing, and also she and bravecows say I was entirely too easy for falling for Zuko five seconds after seeing him, but I say this because he reminds me so much of Asch, except EVEN MORE HILARIOUS. And while I am on the Asch thing, I suspect that my reversal of Asch opinion has too much to do with playing TOO MUCH ABYSS in the presence of harajukufuuri and elvaron, which made me associate being very happy with the presence of Asch. I say it is entirely due to the spillover-love phenomenon and also the English voice actor.

This week, it is a great and wonderful thing to a member of talesoftheabyss. SO MUCH LOVE, DAMMIT.