February 23rd, 2007

Behind That Devious Smile

Being cheerfully unindustrious.

Once in a while I like to wander around ebay looking at Abyss doujin (I admit, I do it to look at the prices, and fall over laughing), and also it is the closest thing there is to an English Abyss artwork search. I'm not so fond of looking at yahoo!Japan, the prices there are actually reasonable most of the time, and therefore it is more dangerous, and also, I could spend forever there. Still, if you want to, Abyss doujin on yahoo!Japan. Just checking the link turned up so much good doujin on the first page alone that I remember why I don't do this very often. Aren't chibi Luke and Guy adorable? And why are there already six Giraffe listings on the first page?

But today I chanced upon a very pretty Van/Guy doujinshi (to say I don't ship anything Van is a massive understatement, so this art was beautiful indeed) - blind summer fish. I thought it was a crazy name until I looked it up and found it was a song: almost as pretty as the art, and very appropriate, too:

Collapse )

And coincidentally, while on a search for this song, I found this: poetry. I'd forgotten how much I loved poetry. And I found this poem: Collapse )

Interesting doujin finds of the day:

This hilarious Kratos and Lloyd one. This one takes the cake, though - it's Genis/Kratos.

And the most eyebrow-raising item of the day for the price alone: this Asch anthology that's US $69.99, without shipping. Even for an anthology, that's US $1 per page.

Asch: "Because I'm worth it."
Me: ... you know, if you keep that up I'll write Mieu/you next.
Asch: "Like that's any worse than what you ordinarily write."

moonythestrals, to my great joy, wrote Conrad/Wolfram fic. *GRIIIN* My love for this series will never die. (Also, very pretty Supernatural layout). Which reminds me that now that I know Supernatural I shall go back and read all her fic.

And yep, this is what I do when taking a break from this. Hail the Hague Convention, and all that.
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