February 28th, 2007


Apologies to everyone who's already heard this in person XDD

I want to shout it from the mountaintops until it echoes from every abyss! I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! AT LONG LAST! Okay, well, I just passed it on the second go, but it seemed like FOREVER to me. *griiin*

So now, I am legally qualified to drive you all crazy. ♥

(I kind of love that upon hearing that, two of my dearest friends in all the world told me, 'We were already crazy.' XD I told them so, and both of them then said something along the lines of how birds of a feather flock together, though they expressed it differently. Damn, no wonder I love them so much)

XD That aside, Kimi, the next time you come to visit, NO WAITING FOR BUSES FOR US XD I will be able to drive you WHEREVER! XDDD One of the biggest things that makes me really excited about driving is being able to drive people around and home! (Okay okay, one step at a time) It makes my mom happy because both my brothers are presently in the army and in camps on the OPPOSITE sides of the country, so it means that I can share the work of ferrying to and from camp. Man, I don't mind. ;)

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ALSO, today, I got to see risax again. *griiin* BEYOND HAPPY. Like #7. Because there are friends you'd die for.

Also, I think I've found out before that the harder I work the more the series I'm into rewards me for it (or maybe it's just that when I'm working I can't check LJ for rather longer periods of time): some pretty darn good Abyss fanfiction has turned up lately, so just a shout-out if you haven't discovered it yet! (You writers, you make me so happy! But argh, I need more time to leave you GOOD and DECENT comments that are truly commensurate with the level of HAPPY I get from the fic!) xD

fontech's writing some pretty darn good young!Luke and Guy: (in order) Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. My personal favourite is Guy teaching Luke to walk. (Spoilers for Guy's past, incidentally).

I'm really looking forward to her upcoming work! *grin* And I think you just might, too. >D

kimivalkyrie wrote Little Indulgences, a Dist/Guy fic. ♥ Anything involving Dist makes me happy, and anything involving Dist with anyone other than Jade makes me happier still. ♥

meimi wrote the fascinating Regained Chances, an AU Guy/Asch fic. The ending makes me grin from ear to ear. Damn, but I love Asch like that! There's also an equally intriguing explanation for events in Regained Chances.