May 13th, 2007

Asch and Luke are TOTALLY KISSING.

Kiss Me Like You Mean It, Dreck.

I went off and had fun with the recent Degenki Maou scans of the Aczelius events. I mean - Asch on bended knee before Luke, how could I pass that up?

Warning: Incredibly Asch/Luke, and full of dreck. ♥
The following scans in no sense represent a real or true scanlation of actual Abyss canon.
A girl can dream, though. ♥

You know, if I learned one lesson from Spider-man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3, it's this:
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And one more scan inspired by (and for!) firestorm717:

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Because raethes is love: HAVE MOOOORE!!! And a KKM reference too?! ♥ ILU RAE.
And meimi too!

Actual scans coming up soon. I've cleaned up 16 pages and I'm still not done with all the scans yet.
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Tales of the Abyss: Degenki Maou Scans: Episode 15 - Aczeriuth

Thank you, all of you who kept me company and had me laughing throughout scanning/cleaning up/translating. ♥

Well- what else can I say about this installment, except that it's Aczelius (Aczeriuth, to be true to the localisation) at last, and man: this was worth the wait. It's payoff time in spades. Am officially spoilt rotten by Asch, of all people (he has so many good scenes in this installment), which is such a joke, considering the love/hate relationship I have with him.

Very Image-Heavy

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Couldn't help but think of glorious here:
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Though, heh. When I first set eyes on this part, I thought of orphen and meimi, especially. ;)
Luke, prepare yourself for Asch's Very Special Brand of TOUGH LOVE.

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Though I would completely believe in this alternative scenario. ♥
(warning: crack, and also Asch/Luke implications)

And Asch is given the unenviable task of explaining Collapse )

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