May 23rd, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Dearest Shi-O, was I really such a naughty boy?

It's so strange when you chance upon accounts of the way you used to be, written by other people. Reading one's own LJ entries can still come as a surprise - case in point, I used to be like this, and though it was written one-and-a-half years ago, it's so irrepressibly genki and high-on-life that I'm amazed at how I've changed since then.

It's sometimes even more amusing when you read what others wrote about you. I lived in Boston, Massachusetts, for a time when I was young, and my mother wrote letters to her family about our life there. My aunt came over on a visit with the cousins today ♥ (REVEAL YOURSELVES, RELATIVES ♥ is what I yell when I get home XD), and she brought three letters my mother had written.

I was two-and-a-half then, and the me that my mother describes - Heh.

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Tried out this alignment test, and to my horror, ended up Collapse ). I ended up Neutral Good on the traditional Wizards Alignment Test - to which I say, the hell? I used to be Lawful Good - before I started studying law, too! But the curious thing is, after I studied law, I had less respect for the law than before I started, because I could now see how and why it could and would be, and indeed, is, flawed. I still believe that it's good that it exists (after all, I believe humans are fundamentally chaotic and evil creatures and need to be smacked, or threatened with a smacking, repeatedly so that they will behave and not abuse other people), but I'm no longer naturally convinced that it's necessarily a good thing.

I start work next Monday. D: I will spend my last remaining free days by doing exactly as I wish - most of the time. Other than Japanese lessons on Saturday - my exam is next Saturday, and while learning Japanese is fun, studying it is an entirely different kettle of cheegles, except not as cute or kickable. >D I still want to make so many crazy posts about the absolute rubbish I love (you too, Luke ♥).
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Times I Have Liked Asch in Tales of the Abyss

sistaofpeace1 made a Tales of Fandom 2 update - some great stuff in there, including what looks like a Mieu game ♥, Luke game(?), and card game that can involve Jade (I like how I thought that first card was JadeXPeony).

Also: Kratos and Lloyd. ♥ I want to ship them so bad. But for that spoiler.

You might see a lot of posts in the next few days as I embark on a Make Posts While I Still Can! before going headlong into work. So!

Times I Have Liked Asch
or, Times In Which I Have Not Disliked Asch
This is going to be mercifully pretty short. >D (Warning: Am not an Asch fan.)

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