June 4th, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

MTV Movie Awards - Will Ferrell - Sasha Baron Cohen Bitchslap/Makeout Session

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The 2007 MTV Movie Awards results are out. Very amused that the Will Ferrell-Jon Heder fight on ice in Blades of Glory even scored a nomination, but am even more amused at the Will Ferrell-Sasha Baron Cohen onstage makeout, to celebrate their winning Best Kiss for Talladega Nights. *chokes*

Highly doubt it'd make it onscreen in this country, but the 2007 MTV Movie Awards screens on MTV here on the 17th of June, Sunday, at 1pm. Apparently that moment comes in some 45 minutes into the show, and features Sasha Baron Cohen demanding if Will Ferrell broke Jon Heder's heart too. In any event, here's the Youtube clip for the Will Ferrell-Sasha Baron Cohen kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. *grin* You know, just in case they censor it like they did the Britney Spears/Madonna/Christina Aguilera kiss. Transcription follows:

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Also, this really amusing Jon Heder promo for the MTV Movie Awards, from here.