August 2nd, 2007

Fox Spirit - My Precious One

Sunshine and Shadow: Linkpost

Things which aren't getting enough love from me tonight, and are utterly worthy of it, and more:

1. Jonathan Ross kisses Neil Gaiman at ComicCon, allegedly to commemorate the Madonna/Britney kiss at the MTV VMA, to the glee of many, many people out there. My favourite part? Jonathan Ross's declaring, after the kiss, Collapse )

2. Uniquely Singapore Present Heroes in Singapore - the Heroes cast members coming are apparently coming to Vivocity on 31 August, link courtesy of sarahcoldheart.

3. perseph2hades made an absolutely fabulous report of ComicCon, featuring extremely cute kids in superhero and fandom get-up (my favourite? The adorable Jedi toddler), the Heroes cast in T-shirts proclaiming which member of the cast was their hero, more Heroes actorslash ♥, Warner Brothers-hired male strippers dressed up as the soldiers of 300, and lots more absolutely GREAT stuff. TOTAL PROPS to Masi Oka for his "HAYDEN IS MY HERO" T-shirt.

4. lenainverse has written Behind A Smile, which is, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, Conrad/Wolfram and Conrad/Wolfram/Yuuri stories out there.

5. meru_neko did a very very lovely, and also hot, Happy Yaoi Day post.
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