August 13th, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Mieu is a Small, Frustrated Cheegle!

This course sometimes feels like somebody has gathered up into their hands as many tiny white feathers as they can hold (we shall call them The Ways of Law), walked out into a gale, and promptly opened their hands and said, "Go forth and catch All the Ways of Law, Little One!" And as you gaze, lost, into the swirling storm, where all the feathers have been caught by the wind and spirited away to as many different corners of the world as the wind can take them, a great voice says, "That is How It Is Done In Practice!"

Also, last night I had a dream that Genis (from Tales of Symphonia) was caustically advising Lloyd not to represent himself, and saying, "Then you'll have a fool for a client and a fool for a lawyer."

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It was when I caught myself singing ABBA's I Have A Dream in the middle of looking up the process of bail applications that I decided I really needed a break.

Looking up the lyrics on a whim, I've suddenly realised that Collapse )

We're intended to invent a fictitious law firm for whom we act. Many make conventional naming choices, variations on their name and legal maxima among them, but some make highly interesting choices: one I saw today was a Spoonerism of a famous local firm, and a classmate of mine named his firm "Radiant Garden LLP" (Formerly Known as Hollow Bastion Partnership). I belatedly realised today that I could have named my law firm "The Michaels and MacElroy Partnership" and created a letterhead full of sparkles, but I might then spend more time laughing hysterically than (mock) litigating.

Speaking of songs, Niisan and Kaasan and I went for karaoke recently (♥), which was fun and great and glorious, AND we discovered a song which I thought reflected more law cases than I could count:
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Strangely, I find that when I am stressed and look upon small, cute things, I sometimes feel better. Take Genis (especially Chibi Genis, in the Symphonia Extra Load manga). The weak-to-cute side of me goes So small! So cute! Such biiiig eyes!
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