August 20th, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Chibi Dean: Rockin' You Like A Hurricane.

The all-day Advocacy session on Saturday can be summarised as:


We had to adduce evidence-in-chief and cross-examine witnesses, and apply (or defend) an injunction, and everything we did was videotaped and then reviewed. We performed as witnesses, too (but that wasn't recorded, as it was witness-examination skills that were being reviewed, not witness-performance skills). I had to perform as a witness four times because one of the students didn't turn up.

I wasn't really looking forward to it, but it turned out so much more fun than I expected it would be, and I really enjoyed myself. It can be summarised as Teaching Baby Lawyers to Sharpen Their Claws, and I know I was told once that litigators should have a killing instinct, and for contentious cases (and contentious witnesses) I think this is entirely true. The last witness I had to mock-cross-examine ended up being voluntarily substituted by a litigator from a major firm who on stand became the most intractable expert witness ever. In person, he was very nice and extremely helpful, though. I had a question for him and another facilitator about how eye contact should be maintained with both the witness and the judge during examination, and they were incredibly helpful, and both very nice. One of our lawyer-facilitators was this excruciatingly cute guy who reminded me of both Nathan (same razor-sharp mind) and Peter Petrelli (that cute). Sparkled internally.

Looks like I wasn't the only one to miss the Hurricane Dean-Supernatural connection! ;) Rock You Like A Hurricane, by sentinelsoul. Proof that if you ever even think of wanting something in the Supernatural community, you've probably already got it. ;)

The Governor of Texas has already declared Dean to be an imminent threat to the state. Proof that there's usually a silver lining to every hurricane.

For my the_dean_show icons, I prefer nyaubaby's colouring for its intensity (and that crop on that Dean icon). This is where my Chibi Winchesters came from. ;)

And if you thought that chibi Dean was cute, check this out:


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artwork by urdsama, the_dean_show
CG work by green_ghost, from here.

Also: Supernatural- Jared/JensenPicspam
I haven't done this in ages with real people, so I could be rusty at it. Obsessive Supernatural fans will already have seen most of this.

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To be perfectly honest? I started watching Supernatural for Jared Padalecki. Oh, and the 'shifter-slash.

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