September 5th, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

too much candy gonna rot your soul.

Caught Hairspray. And riiiiiight after the second song, I was, Okay, this movie is too happy for me. I did enjoy the movie, eventually: man, I loved Tracy's parents, and Tracy was just so full of life and sparkle and idealism, and if I didn't know that was John Travolta, I wouldn't have known it was John Travolta, and you know my heart only beats for Size 60! I love her mom and dad and the whole family unit. And Michelle Pfeiffer was great, and incredibly gorgeous for someone her age, and the I kept thinking she was so Blades of Glory's Jimmy to John Travolta's Chazz. I am not joking. Except, you know, if Jimmy was Fairchild.

But as much as I liked it, I staggered out of the theatre saying, "I NEED to watch something violent. I HAVE to get all that saccharine sweetness out of my system!"

My brother was watching all this with wry amusement, and he said, "You need to get back to reality?"


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The subject matter we're dealing with in school doesn't help much, either. It's been like this for the past three days: write representations for a defendant in a multiple-party rape case, lecture on wills, tutorial (which went on for two hours) on how to draft divorce proceedings. And on Thursday I'm scheduled for the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme session, which, from friends' accounts, I think the best you can hope for is that your defendants don't show up. Because these are people poor enough to need legal aid, and the best part is, we're there to recommend whether or not they can get it. And it's not just based on whether they can afford it: it depends on whether the legal aid is going to make a difference, because there aren't enough lawyers around to represent everyone. Collapse )

Also stupid things amuse me, like when we were in drafting divorce proceedings today, and our assigned lawyer was telling us that we had to produce the original or the certified true copy of the marriage certificate, and I wrote, because she was talking fast:

original/true copy

And the Abyss fan inside of me did a happy backflip of joy.

Speaking of happy backflips of joy, this told me about the new JADE COVER Degenki Maou issue, which unfortunately seems unobtainable at bookshops here, but:

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Also, much love for FF7:

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Also, manic_intent wrote this FABULOUS Star Wars/FF12 crossover - Tales From the Old Republic, which I absolutely loved. Balthier as Basch's padawan, and it is really perfect. I honestly do think that such is her gift with writing that she could make any idea sound glorious.