September 8th, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Jimmy, meet yourself.

Went to the Games Convention Asia exhibition today, with the sibling. Wandered about like a kid in a candy shop. Both of us were quite taken with Lair: dragon-centric game for the PS3, incredibly gorgeous. However, same cannot be said for the controls. There was also a stage, on which was performed the most excruciating rendition of Sexyback I hope I will ever have to listen to. Decided I would very much like to acquire the free goodie bag, then became ensnared in labyrinth of devious organiser brilliance.

This is how to acquire the goodie bag:

1. Queue up for one of 200 Quest Cards, released every hour (or two hours).
2. Get eight stamps for the Quest Cards by visiting eight booths around the exhibition hall.
3. You must play a game at each booth in order to get a stamp.
4. Oh, and follow the really long queue at each booth, too.
5. Did not think that the game was worth the candle; however, have now acquired a massive paper bag with very visually pleasing Ragnarok II artwork on it, and a very dodgy-looking inflatable stick with the cartoony mascot on it. Looks eminently suitable for a vigorous game of Whacko.

Not all the games were idiot games: some games involved luck (Maple SEA game, which was essentially a guessing game), or a small measure of physical skill (one game was throwing flagged apples into the white portions of a design), or memory (the Audition game involved memorising a random sequence of DDR commands, which were then covered as the assistant asked you questions about the number and sequence of the commands). One booth gave up at the hordes of people flooding in and started to chop without making people play the games.

SOME GAMES REQUIRED TOTAL SHAMELESSNESS: yes, World of Warcraft booth, I AM LOOKING AT YOU. Warcraft game was also the most amusing: players chose two placards at random from a set. Each placard was an emote, which the player then had to perform. At the booth. In front of the assistants and everyone walking around and the entire audience of people waiting in the queue. Samples I saw were /chicken, /flex, and /kiss. Booth assistants incredibly helpful to small kids, even to the point of prompting them through the appropriate emotes.

And now for something completely unrelated: figure-skating. Here's a Japanese site about figure-skating that's incredibly pink, here.

I think I've found the figure skater that could be younger!Jimmy! Except this one has a higher seme factor. He also reminds me of Larsa from FFXII, if Larsa had been blond and a figure skater instead of the future emperor. His name is Franz Streubel, and he's a junior German skater. Very junior: He was born in 1991, which makes him sixteen this year.

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