October 11th, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA


nescienx is doing a survey on Music and Video Downloading and Sharing, a topic near and dear to my heart, as there is no other field (save capital punishment) which sees my personal opinions diverge so far from my professional ones. If you have time, we'd both be grateful if you hopped on over and had a go at the survey! ♥

Criminal procedure is coming out of my ears, thanks to an assignment which we did completed today that took SO MUCH LONGER than I expected it to take, but one more review session and we can wash our hands of our fictitious rapist client forever! FOREVER!!! Though one funny thing that did come out of it was our classmates created Facebook accounts for all the parties involved in the case. DIED LAUGHING. ... oh my God, and we have to wake up tomorrow to be drowned in civil procedure and commercial law. I DON'T WANT TO ATTEND LECTURES I just want to sit here and read House/Chase fanfiction. My brain is ALL TIRED OUT.

BUT HERE'S SOMETHING that makes me laugh! LAW IN MOTION videos courtesy of elvaron, who I may love forever for hooking me up to crack like THIS.

Snail in a Bottle - Donaghue v Stevenson in a MTV. Seriously, I was expecting, a lawyer version of Christina Aguilera's Genie in A Bottle, but man was I wrong! ...WAIT. Is that LORD ATKIN dancing around singing about how he founded modern negligence? WHY YES IT IS, and singing, "Negligence these days is the king of the torts/ Hundred billion cases clogging up the courts".

My favourite by a MILE is Bringing Tort Law Back - negligence (and it actually sets out the requirements really neatly!) to the tune of Sexyback. It is shocking how much this video gives me flashbacks to my university days. WHERE WAS THIS VIDEO WHEN I WAS ACTUALLY STUDYING TORT, EH?!

"I'm bringing tort law back/ Them other lawyers watch while I attack/
You make a motion watch while I attack/So sit back down and watch me argue back

Duty of care! (Just watch me prove it) Standard of care! (Just watch me prove it) Causation! (Just watch me prove it)"
Direction examination! (Just watch me prove it) Cross-examination! (Just watch me do it) Re-examination! (Just watch me do it)"

OH OH today I saw a guy with a shirt logo that screamed, "WARNING! BORING SYMPTOMS!"

Also, the latest House episode? THAT, my friends, was the sound of a MILLION HOUSE/WILSON FANS THROWING THE PARTY OF THEIR LIVES. Us House/Chase people are just going to go slink in a corner and be grateful that our wombat's growing a spine. But, you know, I WISH ALL YOU HOUSE/WILSON FANS OUT THERE happiness! And I wish that every fandom pairing that has made its fans suffer as much as H/W has ALSO thinks to reward it as well as H/W fans are being rewarded. XD
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