December 20th, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

{this icon's keywords are Come Be My Light. that book really moved me.}

Surprise viewing of The Golden Compass today when family decided 45 minutes before the show that they wanted to see it. Managed a LIGHTNING Christmas present drop at my uncle's house, then dashed off to see the show. Am really glad that I will be seeing it again with nescienx and aingeal_isilme tomorrow, the first viewing BLEW ME AWAY (in a good way, largely), and I will very much appreciate a second viewing of this one to take it ALL in. England absolutely gorgeous in the opening scenes - it really captured the best of Oxford and London. I felt the same way I feel whenever I see England onscreen: it's like part of me is there.

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If I have to decorate yet another room, I will scream. Or start buying tinsel for home. *laughs* Today saw me as the honourary guy in the practice group, as both the genuine guys were busy with work, leaving us girls with the decorations. And I the only girl who was wearing pants, I got to climb the ladder. ♥ Discovery is coming out of my ears and is on my mind even when I'm decorating. Sometimes the only thing that helps turn the law switch OFF in my head when I'm home is another language, and I really do think I've got it in spades this time around.

Speaking of Christmas, I was in the car on the way home the other night when the radio presenter said chirpily, "Only nine more days to Christmas!" I wanted to throw the radio out of the window. I STILL HAVE NOT DONE MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. SO. SO. SO. DEAD. FROM WORK. And from not buying presents!

Over a week back I bought the ONLY box set of Season 0 YGO I found in this country, and today, to my shocked delight, I have discovered that it is DUBBED IN CANTONESE. Now, anybody who has ever heard and hated the English YGO dub - SHOULD DEFINITELY listen to the Cantonese one. I heard the first few seconds and then had to pause it, whereupon I laughed so hard that everyone in the room (both the siblings and my mom) turned to look at me. (It was HILARIOUS. It was like listening to a fishmarket!)

"Three people's eyes on you," commented my mom, mildly, after I'd stopped laughing. Sadly, it only made me laugh harder.

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But this is ALL KINDS OF AMAZING! It is always my secret dream whenever I get into a series to listen to it in AS MANY LANGUAGES AS POSSIBLE just to see how different it is (as evinced by the fact that when I had the chance I listened to Blades of Glory dubbed in French and Japanese) and how it is done. The last time I tried to listen to anything in Cantonese was when it was Rurouni Kenshin, and Kenshin was Kim San. That, sadly, was the ONLY Cantonese word I could recognise in the entire dub. But I find that I can focus on what's being said in Cantonese if I stare at the (... FAN TI ZHI long enough - I suck at Traditional Chinese, my simplified has always been so much better) subtitles, WHAT IS BEING SAID ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE! Maybe I can FINALLY teach myself Cantonese - WITH YGO! Suffice it to say that my not knowing Cantonese = SPECTACULAR FAIL, so... maybe one day I will rectify this!

And oh God, Cantonese!Yami sounds SO BORED during the dueling scenes! And seems to be voiced by a girl.