December 21st, 2007

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

Japanese... and then some REALLY WRONG THINGS.

This post is purely to express my D: that the word 相棒 (partner, this is not helped by the fact that in the English language that word ALSO has an association) NO LONGER MEANS ANYTHING INNOCENT TO ME ANY MORE AND I BLAME YGO COMPLETELY.

I MEAN. It already did not mean anything particularly innocent to me because of Collapse ), but Collapse ) KIND OF MADE IT SO MUCH WORSE, such that when I see Collapse ) sealed my FATE, along with THAT fabulous scene where Yoko goes: "LET ME FIGHT WITH YOU KAMINA" Kamina goes "NO SIMON WILL FIND HIS COURAGE AND ANYWAY HE IS MY 相棒" and also, as they say in the Supernatural fandom, bros before h0s I'M SORRY YOKO it is not your fault that you are drawn that way I was :D :D :D HE SAID 相棒 and that's when I realised YGO had corrupted THAT ASSOCIATION (and also THIS ONE) and I was FACEPALM.

And then after Simon FOUND HIS COURAGE and he and Kamina did that FANTASTIC FIRST GATTAI OF AWESOME and Yoko went ///// YOU GUYS ARE 好い相棒か (good partners) I beamed from ear to ear.

I would be ashamed except for the part where I am ENJOYING EVERY SECOND OF IT ♥

I KNEW that the YGO obsession would pay off one day, and it paid off handsomely the other day when I had to do research for a case and turned up a neighbouring-state case decided by NONE OTHER than a certain Justice Malik. Not only THAT, but Justice Malik's full name was ONLY TWO LETTERS OFF from Malik Ishtar. I read through the ENTIRE CASE HAPPILY despite the fact that it was tangentially related to the true purpose of my research, because (1) hey, who knows when a law case will come in useful? I've read related cases that weren't useful at the moment but later became useful for other matters, and (2) I WANT TO KNOW WHAT JUSTICE MALIK SAID. :D And I can't help but think it SO COOL that our research tool lets us search EVERY LISTED DECISION BY A PARTICULAR JUDGE ON A DATABASE ♥

Collapse )
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA


This entire post is not going to be taking YGO seriously. AT ALL.

As promised to sarahcoldheart, here is the link to Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged! To truly appreciate this you should ideally know a little bit about the series, but I like to think it can be enjoyable even on its own for what it does as a parody of shounen manga. I personally found it about ten times more enjoyable once I got more familiar with the series.

In case you like 'em organised, like I do, here's the YGO Abridged Episode Listing, and the YGO Abridged - Transcripts. I read all the transcripts before deciding which ones to watch. A personal favourite of mine as a Jou/Yuugi shipper is ♥ YGO Abridged - Episode 3 - the Titanic!Jou/Yuugi moment! I LAUGHED SO HARD because it was EXACTLY what I was thinking!

Also, it is so fun to watch original YGO anime episodes with a fellow fan, and find out that the both of you burst out laughing at the same simultaneously-innocuous moment because you've both been watching the Abridged Series. It's so funny when you can shout MARRY ME, OCEAN! and your fellow fan GETS IT STRAIGHTAWAY. XD

And what I mentioned to nescienx and sarahcoldheart, the WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT interview: Dan Green (Yuugi's dub voice) interview - parody with YGO clips. THIS. IS. A+++ FABULOUS. I WILL TRANSCRIBE THIS ONE DAY SEE IF I DON'T. ariesdraco showed it to me and I literally! could not! stop laughing. Part of the original Interview here, with a really cute cracky official-art image of Yuugi on vocals and Yami with an electric guitar. Good times. (I choke with laughter that Dan Green was also Mewtwo's voice)

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Oh, and also, in the Taiwanese subs of YGO, where the English subtitles were obtained by first translating the original Japanese to Chinese, and then to English, Kaiba's name is translated to "Seahorse". Mokuba is "Keihei", but I still think President Seahorse takes the cake. Here, have the hilarious Japanese-to-Chinese-to-English subs.

And AS MY PARTING SHOT, no post on ABSOLUTE CRACK!YGO is complete without a link to the YGO Lucky Star Parody. Because every series worth its salt has one. I discover that I appreciate Lucky Star parodies so much more when I actually care about the series. I think YGO has several, but this one has crack!Honda scenes, Yuugi dancing in front of Shinji's EVA (gets my award for a truly WTF moment), and a High Priest Seto and Kisara cameo. Here's half of different version, which has a shockingly adorable Bakura. ... Here's a girls of YGO version. Has Kisara, Dark Magician Girl, Anzu, and that violet-haired-girl whom Honda has a crush on and whose name I cannot remember, and the most cracked-out still of screaming!Kaiba trapped in a card, while Yami no Bakura hits on Mokuba.