January 11th, 2008

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

sun ain't gonna shine anymore, moon ain't gonna rise in the sky

One day, I will explain exactly how the conduct of litigation is exactly like a game of Duel Monsters, or Magic: The Gathering, or any combat-oriented card game, really, with the first player as the Plaintiff and the second player as the Defendant, and instead of shouting, "IT'S MY TURN!" the parties go, "IT'S MY TURN... TO SERVE INTERROGATORIES!" "REQUEST for Further and Better Particulars!" "No, I make an ORDER for F&BP!" "AGHHHHH!!! I have to give discovery!!"

... oh God, I could clean up an entire battle from YGO manga scans and rework it for litigation! 0________________________0 AND IT WOULD WORK!

Oh, trust me, it really is very exciting. And then after that I would write the post about why I simply can't do the Puzzleshipping thing despite it being the thing I started reading YGO for, because it is just too much like the life of a trainee lawyer. This really will make sense when I explain it, but not today. Because I was in the office at 8.30am and I was still at my desk after handing work I was given today in at 10.15pm when I got a call about work, and it is now 2.05am and I am typing this with an 360+++page affidavit in my lap.

Main similarity between the life of a trainee lawyer and puzzleshipping? You spend a lot of time doing impossible things for your aibou.

Main difference? IRL, when your aibou says JUMP, you don't ASK how high, you just say, FROM WHERE, HOW LONG DO YOU WANT ME TO STAY IN THE AIR, and Do You Want the Moon and Stars on My Way Down? And you say it with a smile.

SO! Because someone special asked: this isn't actually the answer, but one day I will get the courage to post it (and there will be great D: when I do). And until then I will work up my courage by posting in tiny pieces!

I wrote this during last year's examinations, when I only knew the vaguest outlines of YGO's Millenium Kingdom/Memory Arc canon. I knew next to nothing, but I really wanted to capture my idea of what I thought would happen before seeing how the mangaka actually made it happen, so I wrote this. I had a lot of fun writing it, probably for all the wrong reasons.

WARNING: SPOILERS for the YGO Egyptian Arc, (just a little, I think I was shockingly accurate in my predications for some parts), and canon-breaking because I didn't know what Atem and Seth were like when I wrote it. So I imagined characterisation for them the way I wanted it and this is what I got.

Characters: Atem and Seth.
Rating: Completely G.
Word-count: 826

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