April 20th, 2008

Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

layout REBORN!

In a move that will probably surprise no one:

new layout!
because Amano's art can be so awesome, and I'll take every chance I get to share it with the world.
with a separate friends-page header, too

Layout coding's by way of cartonage, here.
tinted_glass has a truly awesome Ryan!fied version of this here, along with a whole lot of the latest Michael-Ryan news.

Icon meme from kotomine (hers here!)

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chibimazoku and inarticulate have set up an English Kuroshitsuji site here, and it's pretty awesome, so check it out!

Also: Kyou Kara Maou. DEAR GOD I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING THIS SERIES. Also, if I ever had a sister, I would want her to be like llamrei's: THIS IS WHY.

conrad_wolfram and kingsaralegui were opened in the last five days, how awesome is the love for this series?! THIS IS WHY I CAN NEVER LEAVE.

And the most recent episodes of KKM? Episodes 80 and 81 (summary spoilers)? ... WHY is this series always ALWAYS ALWAYS giving the lie to my idea that I can't possibly love Wolfram any more than I already do?