July 6th, 2008

- comics - I would run away with you

this is ONLY one of the most ridiculous tales you will ever hear.


Kicked off with me going to change and finding Byakuran and Shouichi in the toilet.

So, being the mature, dignified adult that I am, I went ///////////////////////////// - and ran away immediately.

... it was all QUITE INNOCENT, really, and SO SUE ME it was only because I am always pathologically nervous about dressing up, and for some bizarre reason this is only magnified when I am around people I don't know. (... or think I don't know, as later events would prove)

I waited outside for a suitable period of time and went back in, only to find them still there. So I ran even further and hid on the second level until they left and the coast was clear. Then I raced into the washroom and INTIATED TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE, and then -

Shouichi walked in.

... God I sound like I'm writing bad fanfiction. I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS UP.


If I could have crawled down the sink right then, I would have happily done it. As it was, I stood there quite frozen, which was only exacerbated by the fact that Shouichi took one look at me and identified me instantly.

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Later I ran into the other Byakuran and Shouichi and realised that they were dodgerscrubs and natsu_yuki. HI. ♥ IT WAS FUN MEETING THE BOTH OF YOU! We kept. getting. interrupted.by. photographers, but this was clearly because the both of them were very awesome and needed to be completely paparazzi'd.


I surfaced and met sarahcoldheart and amarukei, who told me that I'd missed out on a Reborn karaoke event featuring Sakura Addiction, which had Hibari and Mukuro fighting over Tsuna while Reborn rained confetti on them. Hibari, apparently, was also in possession of pineapples.

Incidentally, Rojak Labs has a gorgeous new doujinshi out. Check out the COVER:
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Also managed to grab a copy of snowyuzuki's beautiful FF7 doujinshi. ♥ A+ ALL THE WAY, and I'll be looking out for her later works!

I think the Most Wrong Dialogue of the Day goes to me and mangy_mongrel. Collapse )

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Then I ran off with mangy_mongrel to McCafe, where we sat with atorii + 59 + 27 + friend and had ice chocolate and stared at Reborn doujin. 59 is a GOKUTSUNA FAN LIKE ME EXCEPT EVEN MORE EXTREME SO THIS WAS 2X FUN.

HI TO EVERYONE I MET TODAY: (OH, YESTERDAY): greatcucurbita, snowykiss (thank you for the wig omg! ♥), hackney_ed, miharukuroda, ariesdraco, atorii, kreznick, dodgerscrubs, natsu_yuki, sarahcoldheart, amarukei, mangy_mongrel (there are more I think but names elude me now omg) AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO DOESN'T HAVE LJ. *grin*

Conversations with the Sibling on Cosfest

Sibling: "What are you going as?"

(when discussing appropriate guns)

And when this brother first set eyes on me in full costume (at the end of the day), he yelled, "YOU LOOK MORE LIKE A BOY THAN A GIRL", and then, because he was Not Quite Done Yet, yelled, "Look at you! Blond! And sitting there in your jumpsuit like the first word out of your mouth was 'TRUCK'!"
This will be the lamest thing you hear all year, probably, but d'you know when I knew that jumpsuit was perfect? When I found out that the only size they had that would fit me was Size 38.

THEN I WENT and had dinner with the family (which was extremely GOOD) and then went to meet lacewood, risax and cynic_in_charge to watch Wanted. IT IS. A BLOW-YOU-AWAY awesome movie that will have you ROLLING IN THE AISLES because dear GOD it breaks all the laws of physics, logic, and YOUR BRAIN. lacewood says it is like Dragon Tiger Gate for the Western world and Eve agrees, but of COURSE Eve would agree, for they are Borg.

Then we went for karaoke and IT WAS HILARIOUSLY FUN (except I AM SURE EVERYONE WOULD DISAGREE because they were not able to force me to sing for as long as they would have liked (because I had to go), but NEXT TIME, FOR SURE. ♥