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yuuri conked out in castle library.

Damn you, issues of consent in Section 41 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Act. Section 41 subsection 3(a), to be perfectly precise. When the entire case hinges on whether or NOT there was consent - when both parties agree that the act took place - consent becomes an issue, and motive can't be adduced under Section 41 3(a). But motive can be adduced under 41 3(a) if the case hinges on whether or not the act took place or not - and that's when motive can be adduced, to prove that the complainant had a reason for fabricating the allegation. And just why do section 41 3(b) and section 41 3(c) have the exact same drafting on matters on time when their application in practice is wonderfully different?! HAHAHAHAHA. I brought this up in the discussion, and then another girl agreed, and after class we ran after the teacher to get our question sorted.

Couldn't continue studying once the British birds started the morning chorus at 4am this morning. Eventually gave up at 4.30am and crawled into bed, where I stayed awake for an entire hour because I couldn't fall asleep. Every time I peered out from under the covers ANOTHER blasted bird would start chirping and I would go tunnel into bed again. Eventual failure to sleep had me crawl out of bed at 5.30am in the morning and start making planned notes for past year papers. That's what stress does to me, it messes up my sleeping patterns even more than using the Internet obsessively does. I either become unusually sleepy or turn into a total insomniac. Usually both at the same time. Haven't been online much, been preparing for this blasted test. Panic is the best sort of caffeine.

Also, I do not understand why the muses never talk as loudly as they do when I have NO TIME for them. When I get one set to keep quiet another set starts talking. (... I cannot believe the number of mistakes I've made in this entry, I must be really out of it.) The last time I was studying Crime and Punishment in the LSE library, an entire page of derivative and not-derivative Abyss fic turned up on fullscap paper, so much so that the guy sitting opposite me was O.O-ing at the speed at which I was writing. Oh, if only you knew that nothing I was writing had anything to do with what I was studying.

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