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(warning, pictures behind cut may not be worksafe.)

Oi, you can't break up my Ratal OTP. >D
And also, Fai and Kurogane are my Tsubasa Levizt and Serry.

For raethes-sama:
download: The Answer.
Morikawa Toshiyuki X Suzuki Chihiro
And for those of you who like seiyuu but would prefer not to have the BL, or just want to hear what Suzuki Chihiro (Luke's seiyuu) sounds like (and/or Morikawa Toshiyuki!): The Answer: Freetalk.
With many, many thanks to Nii-san. ♥ Nii-san kind of has seen all this spam already so. xD I tend to make lots of little posts over time and then consolidate them into one huge one. Like this one.

I have discovered that Suzuki Chihiro has the Miyata Kouki effect on me: listening to his real voice makes me happy. It's like aural caffeine. Suzuki Chihiro is the prettiest seiyuu I've ever seen. This is really one whose voice can come closer to his appearance than most other seiyuu. Sobs distantly in a corner about Morikawa, because if you ever see his picture, Sephiroth will be the furthest thing on your mind.

Ultraviolet trailer. I've always thought Milla Jovovich was beautiful. Check out the Apple Trailers site - to see anything you want.

Tales of the Abyss seiyuu list. And Wikipedia actually has a pretty decent Abyss entry. Here's the one on KKM, because it amused me.

Takehito Koyasu voices Jade. The more I look at what he's done, the more I wonder what he's NOT done. He was Jubei in Getbackers, Isaac in Meine Liebe (*whistles!* Good one, 'cause I'd say his character in Abyss is closer to Ludwig than anyone else). And risax, I shall be gross and say that he played a character named Harris in one of his seiyuu roles. >D And apparently he voiced a Luke Valentine in Hellsing, so I now think that name is the most charming ever. Also, he voiced Ryosuke in Initial D. Very bad, my first association is Edison Chen, because I am that young.

But SUZUKI CHIHIRO. THIS IS THE BEST DISCOVERY OF ALL OF ABYSS BECAUSE - well, let me explain. Suzuki Chihiro voices Luke. Suzuki Chihiro is also a fairly prolific BL seiyuu.

Why this is an excellent thing, and Abyss spoilers.Collapse )

Suzuki Chihiro is also a very pretty name, and has voiced Arima in Kare Kano - shocking, I've just seen that for the first time with the housemates, so really I was listening to Luke all along and never knew it. And also, for the sheer crack factor, and because I've been waiting for ages to mention this, he also was a seiyuu in HAMTARO. Along with MIYATA KOUKI, whom Nii-san and I both agreed should have voiced Mieu. :D

And also? Proof that those who can't draw will have to screencap instead.
The fun bit was, I didn't even have to edit THIS one.
Asch and Luke *are* kissing.Collapse )

AMUSED. Have inflicted Abyss onto Heika-housemate. >D
Me: *opens up Namco website on IE* Can you guess which one is my favourite?
Housemate: This one. *points unerringly to Luke*
Housemate: The prettiest one. ... The girliest one.
Me: XD

The thing is, when they use THOSE criteria, they're ALWAYS right.

So, Suzuki Chihiro! He voices Luke in Tales of the Abyss. Luke is uke. We know this, not only because that's what you get when he loses the L, but also because he is voiced by one Suzuki Chihiro, who happens to also be a BL seiyuu only slightly less prolific than Sakurai Takahiro, and who has been seme'd by no less than Morikawa Toshiyuki and Inoue Kazuhiko in his other roles. Also, Luke is the biggest uke in the Markt Empire and Kimlasca, as evinced by this video here. spoilerCollapse )

Suzuki Chihiro's picture on Anime News Network. He is the image of BRIGHT-EYED AND SCARILY BUSHY-TAILED. He is PICTURE PERFECT GENKI OR SOMETHING. And he looks DISTURBINGLY YOUNG.

... RIGHT HE IS ONLY 7 years older than me. Unlike Morimori who is 1,0000 years old. And my GOD Suzuki has ALWAYS had the GENKI look. Even when Much Younger.

And the pictures from The Answer: In which Predatory!Morikawa is the scariest thing ever.Collapse )

Especially when Suzuki Chihiro looks so young in these pictures? I look at them and my first reaction is CALL THE POLICE!!! Which usually is my first reaction on seeing Morikawa. Sobs.

Downloaded the first Corsair drama (another Morikawa Toshiyuki X Suzuki Chihiro drama, and here are the pictures, seiyuu and cover art alike:

Now this is my favourite type of uke.Collapse )

The only thing I know about the artist, however, is her name. I did find a summary/cast list in English that was marginally helpful, here. Marginally because, even with the names provided, I couldn't turn up any more art. xD
小說:水壬楓子 / Author : Minami Fuuko
插圖:御園えいり/ Illustration : Mizono Eiri
Summary of CorsairCollapse )

And evidence that Suzuki Chihiro has a thing for playing pretty uke-like silver-haired feminine men (hey, maybe he should've voiced Yazoo xD):

This is Ap0cripha, a yaoi game where Suzuki Chihiro voiced Platina, a silver-haired, blue-eyed Sephiroth lookalike prince of Hell. He's ALSO generally emotionless and quiet. >D The blond one is his ELDER brother. Yes, the ELDER brother. Blond and small = Nii-san, in ETERNAL RIVALRY with Sephiroth. HELLO THE NII-SAN COMPLEX. The game centers around a succession war, and the princes are at the center of it. Suzuki Chihiro's advisor is a certain Jade, voiced by none other than MORIMORI Morikawa Toshiyuki. >D Cast list, which also features Hoshi Soichiro and Seki Tomokazu, which seems to make it an unusually well-voiced BL game. There are numerous screencaps of half-dressed characters, or artistically-naked characters clearly in the aftermath of majorly questionable activities, but here are the pretty ones:

Suzuki Chihiro as PlatinaCollapse )
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