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the mirror principle desu no. xD

For Nii-san:
download: Karma - Tales of the Abyss Opening Theme
Everybody download too, I'll re-up if it runs out! It's a great song, and I love it.

[Cautionary warning in the restaurant-fic muses!direction: do not do not do not let the TWO OF THEM listen to this song with the translation, THEY WOULDN'T STOP TALKING TO ME after I heard this.]

And the lyrics, in English and Japanese xD

Translation from here.

Bump of Chicken

When I was telling Nii-san about this song, because she wanted to know where to get the Abyss opening theme, I told her what the name of the band was. She laughed, and then she said, at least it wasn't this, and then I laughed so hard that people turned around in the restaurant. XD

Lyrics : Fujiwara Motoo
Music : Fujiwara Motoo

A single glass ball was dropped
Chasing after it, another one dropped
There’s just one left over, in one single sunny spot

From the time that our hearts begin to beat
We don’t like it, but we take up space
We continue to protect ourselves, so that that isn’t taken away from

Even though I keep my hands clean
They look dirty
Before I go on and doubt my memory, I question it

We’re definitely going to meet
I use the sound of our pulses, which are the same, to find my way
I’m right here, I’m always calling out to you
When my worn out reasons heap atop one another, and the pile sways
I’ll know the meaning of life

A mirror, it reflects so that we can both
Reach out and touch our respective karmas
Dirty hand to dirty hand
Now I know its form

I’m right here, you’re most certainly touching me
We’re in this sunny spot, enough for one

Don’t forget that I’m always calling out to you
From inside of the same glass ball as you
That’s right, we’re definitely going to meet
When a cross is built upon my buried reasons
Then my promise will be carried out
We’ll become one

from here:

Garasu tama hitotsu otosareta
Oikakete mou hitotsu okko chita
Hitotsu fun no hidamari ni hitotsu dake nokotteru

Shinzou ga hajimatta toki
Iyade mo hito wa basho wo toru
Ubaware nai you ni mamori tsuduketeru

Yogosazu ni tamotte kita te de mo
Yogorete mieta
Kioku wo utagau mae ni kioku ni utagawareteru

Kanarazu bokura wa deau darou
Onaji kodou no oto wo mejirushi ni shite
Koko ni iru yo itsudatte yonderu kara
Kutabireta riyuu ga kasanatte yureru toki
Umar ta imi wo shiru

Sonzai ga tsuduku kagiri
Shikata nai kara basho wo toru
Hitotsu fun no hidamari ni
Futatsu wa chotto ire nai

Garasu tama hitotsu otosareta
Ochita toki nanika hajiki dashita
Ubai totta basho de hikari wo abita

Kazoeta ashiato nado
Kidukeba suuji deshika nai
Shira nakya ike nai koto wa
Douyara ichi to zero no aida

Hajimete bokura wa deau darou
Onaji himei no hata wo mejirushi ni shite
Wasure naide itsudatte yonderu kara
Kasaneta riyuu wo futari de umeru toki
Yakusoku ga kawasareru

Kagami nanda bokura tagai ni
Sorezore no karuma wo utsusu tame no
Yogoreta te to te de furi atte
Katachi ga wakaru

Koko ni iru yo tashikani sawareru yo
Hitoribun no hidamari ni bokura wa iru

Wasure naide itsudatte yonderu kara
Onaji garasu tama no uchigawa no hou kara
Sousa kanarazu bokura wa deau darou
Shizumeta riyuu ni juu ji ka wo tateru toki
Yakusoku wa hatasareru
Bokura wa hitotsu ni naru

AND ALSO TO COMMEMORATE MY GOOGLE Intellectual Property Law talk yesterday: I leave Abyss-ing on LJ to turn up at a talk which is ALL ABOUT digital archiving by Google, or, in other words, WHY IT IS TOTALLY JUSTIFIED TO MAKE REPLACEMENT COPIES TO PROTECT AGAINST THE LOSS OF DETERIORATING ORIGINALS. We spent time discussing how and why works deterioriate, and how originals get TOTALLY TRASHED, and the costs of making replicas copies. Guess it's no surprise that Abyss fic turned up halfway through the talk. *buries face in hands*

OH OH OH and because today I was with Nii-san in my other uni, and then we were talking about Suzuki Chihiro, and "Does he ever seme?" She went to look it up, and saw something that made her laugh, and not stop, and so I was "What is it?" and she pointed me to this: and then I BURST OUT LAUGHING AND COULDN'T STOP EITHER. It was the cast list for Angel's Feather 4:


Because Miyata Kouki is obviously THE ONLY PERSON HE CAN SEME. XDDDDDDD

Also, because I was killed dead by Corporate Insolvency later tonight, I watched Bleach 72 and YAMADA HANATAROU is the perfect human!Mieu. AND WHAT IS UP WITH EPISODE 71 AND ISHIDA BEING PRACTICALLY EVERYONE'S UKE.
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