breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

The Scarlet Runs so Fast to my Face

Yes, have ripped off Sting's lyrics, and badly, for the title of this entry.

My university's computers were insane all this morning, so no logging on for me, then. But now they are fine. ^_^ Subject to the capricious computers, we are.

Had Law tutorial with Serry-esque teacher today. His hair is dark, rather than blond, so the similarities aren't all they could be, and Please, Teacher, Don't Smile At Me Like That.

Just had another audition. Was hilarious. It was an improvisation session, too. My group was given the theme of flirtation, and as we had only one guy in the group, someone offered the idea that we should do a lesbian spin on the theme, and so we did. Guy Argues with Girlfriend Outside Gay Bar. They go in, he gets set up.

One group did the theme of regret, which they had as an Alcoholics Anonymous-esque session. Choice regrets:

"I threw away my laundry ticket."

"I slept with the bridesmaid."

"I like Neighbors."

And the last was, "I shouldn't have slept with my Dad."

This computer room closes at five, and it is quarter-to-five. That's my regret.

Also, there was that one about being a Closet Legolas Fancier, but we'll let that lie.

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