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KUZU, EGAO. Smile like you mean it. [And I mean it! :) ]

homura, your choushindou is officially > mine. XDDDDDDD

NEW LAYOUT, courtesy of homura, who has done the most impressive work I have ever seen anyone do for a layout. I can only worship your dedication in making close to 1,000 Abyss screencaps, not to mention the time you devoted to making all the vector art in those headers (if you refresh the page, the layout image changes. It's really cool. *beams*), especially with all the trouble Asch and his hair gave you. *snugs, so tightly* I have never seen anyone do so much research for one layout, and you have my deepest respect and admiration.

You really helped to keep me cheerful and smiling throughout this time of examinations, dissertations, and my laptop having such a serious disagreement with sharing the same name as Lin's daschund that it decided to break down. Still, that's shown me that people with laptops named Asch and people with laptops named Luke will respectively decide to wear black and white on the same day and gravitate unconsciously towards each other. *laughter*

It's 2.04am, maybe it is time to leave the school library? I was working on my dissertation - and, well, two of the writers I use, their names are Andrew von Hirsch and Andrew Ashworth. Guess how many times I've hit the backspace key in the last nine hours due to strangely appropriate spelling errors. Again, I simply cannot help the A, S and C keys being so close together.

And because, Concept Art for the Abyss Opening. *GRIIIIIN* Set to Karma, which makes me HAPPY. It's a video, and it's SO CUTE. These are the artists' concept-sketches for the Abyss opening, and stick-figure!Abyss characters are so funny. There are also more detailed close-ups. HA SO CUTE. Sketchy!Mieu is cute! Sketchy Luke is SO CUTE. I made screencaps, and I'll put them up in short order!

Also, this Nightlife discussion is making me high. OH and it is almost 3am. No wonder I'm hungry, the last meal I had was at 1pm. THAT ASIDE I have FINALLY met my goal of staying in the library for 10 hours at a stretch.
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