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SU - ZU - KI!


DIES LAUGHING Niisan just let me listen to this Sakurai Takahiro x Midorikawa Hikaru BL drama (it's called Kirei Papa) - and Midorikawa is Miyata Kouki's dad, and MORIKAWA TOSHIYUKI is Midorikawa's FATHER and his name is CHIHIRO. CHIHIRO. WAY to feed my Suzuki Chihiro love without even intending it, Morikawa! And Morikawa's character is... well, he is basically ISSHIN FROM BLEACH. "Call me CHIIII-SAAAAN!!! :D :D :D" is the gist of it. Yeah, it's still really hard to get over that SEPHIROTH and Conrad from KKM are ISSHIN FROM BLEACH. I still remember the brain-breakage when kateriya told me that. ♥

Since I've been meaning to for quite a while, HERE ARE SEIYUU PICTURES. :D First up is the Gakuen Heaven cast. I must say that the whole "Let's Get the Seiyuu to Pose Like the Characters!" gimmick will never get old for me.

This one's FOR THE BOYS! - The Gakuen Heaven Cast.

That's Morikawa Toshiyuki on the extreme left in the leather jacket. At the - cough - bottom left, that'd be Fukuyuma Jun, and at the bottom right, that's Sakurai Takahiro. I adore this Sakurai photograph.

I really really like the way Sakurai looks in this photograph. There aren't as many good Sakurai photographs out there as there should be, so this one is special. This anime’s got Fukuyuma Jun (Watanuki in XXXHolic, Tooru in Princess Princess) as Ito Keita, Sakurai Takahiro (Cloud Strife in FF7/AC, Yuuri in KKM, Kira Izuru in Bleach, Haruka in Tactics, Orpherus in Meine Liebe, Ray Langren in GunXSword, I could go on and on, I lose count of the number of series I follow because this man is in it :D), Morikawa Toshiyuki (Sephiroth in FF7/AC, Conrad in KKM, Isshin in Bleach – [HA YEAH], I could ALSO go on and on) as Nakajima.

...I wrote an extended edit to this with a running commentary on a Gakuen artwork and I stupidly hit a key and lost the entire edit. Can't be bothered to write it again, so here's a more comprehensive cast list on Gakuen and the character list. But it was just as well I'd only written half of it, so here's the other half I wrote later.

I'm gonna post artwork (in a separate post, it was WAY TOO BIG) of all the Gakuen characters in a FANTASY RP. It's BRILLIANT and I love it and Kaoru is an elf, so all is RIGHT with the word. And Iwai is the angsty-artist type and so therefore he is the SEER. Niwa (the King) is the WARRIOR, and also voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi, who was Haji in Blood+, Shouri Shibuya in KKM, and SOUBI in Loveless. NIWA IS TOTALLY 180 DEGREES THE OPPOSITE OF HAJI AND SOUBI. He's like the loving gregarious warm and giving President of the Student Council who takes care of everyone and is strong and wonderful and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING like either Soubi or Haji, who are... well, cold-blooded wouldn't be an inaccurate description. (of course they're more complex than that, I've just got an adjective for common use) Nakajima (Morikawa) looks like the WARLORD. MY HONEY MIKISHIN is the BARD.

You will SCREAM at the MikiShin character. He is blond and pretty and a TENNIS PLAYER and HITS ON ALL THE BOYS until he finds Ito Keita, and then he is MY HONEY ~ I HAVE FINALLY FOUND YOU. You are looking at him and you are NO THAT CANNOT BE MIKI SHINICHIROU (the SHINOU DEAR HEAVENS) but he IS.

Shunsuke is the thief, of course - he's a red-haired, green-eyed CAT BOY voiced by SUZUMURA KENICHI. WHAT, you're ZACK from Final Fantasy 7, the Hikaru half of the Ouran twins, KAMUI from X, and AYUMU FROM SPIRAL and YOU COME AND VOICE THIS CATBOY IN GAKUEN HEAVEN? Jin (another one of the character designs I love, he's basically a kinder version of the Tyrant uke) is voiced by NARITA KEN, who's Seimei in Loveless, FUUMA in X, ISHIDA RYUUKEN IN BLEACH, and SANZO in Saiyuki.

Kaoru’s seiyuu, Kamiya Hiroshi, also voices President Arisada in Princess Princess. (I need to do another post for that!)

Uh, you can also see how biased I am because I only remember roles and names for a very limited number of seiyuu, and the usual thing they all have in common is that they were in KKM. But there is ONE EXCEPTION to the rule that the only seiyuu I remember are the ones who have been in KKM, and his name is SUZUKI CHIHIRO.

Suzuki Chihiro. How much do I love this one, let me count the ways. This one is my personal favourite. xD I like him even more than Sakurai and that’s really difficult to top (uhhhhh I did not intend that) as far as I’m concerned. The only thing that’s a pity about Suzuki is I wish he would voice more current anime roles, but it’s all right, there’s LOTS to fall back on. The only question is where to start. I first started noticing him because he was on Tales of the Abyss, and I just could not believe it when I looked at the photograph of Asch’s seiyuu and I was THAT PRETTY THING IS ASCH’S VOICE ACTOR SHOCK HORROR

this must be what it feels like when Sephiroth fans first set eyes on Morikawa Toshiyuki. Honestly, he looks like the TOTAL opposite of Asch – gentle, sweet, absolutely tiny! Suzuki Chihiro gives me the same feeling Tales of the Abyss’s Luke does – I call it the GENKI WO DAISHITE feeling. :D (Asch is my Sairin Tsubasa ONE WINGED ANGEL feeling, if anyone wants a comparison). Besides Tales of the Abyss, Suzuki Chihiro also voiced Platina in Apocripha, Chris in Angel’s Feather (boy, does he like the games) (The OVA is being released soon! I can’t wait! Niisan showed me this fascinating entry about the release of the OVA, and Suzuki was at the premiere for the Angel’s Feather fanclub meet-the-fans session. Apparently he recently acquired a dog. A Pomeranian. And he thinks Chris’s favourite colour is silver. I think that’d be more like Platina’s favourite colour to me, silver is too obvious a choice for Chris!) He was also the lead in Kare Kano (my heavens did he have the potential for EVIL in this one), and Kamio Akira in Prince of Tennis.

And if you go for that sort of thing, his BL career is nothing short of WHOA. He was with Morikawa Toshiyuki in The Answer and Corsair (the prettiest art, EVER), with […don’t remember the name] (Gunter in KKM, Kakashi in Naruto) in Munesawagi 6 (which also has Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro and Miyata Kouki – Niisan calls this as close you can get to KKM without it actually BEING KKM), and naturally he was in the Angel’s Feather dramas, too. This one made Niisan and I burst out laughing hysterically in the university library because it was the ONLY time he has ever been seme and guess who he seme’d. MIYATA KOUKI. Right, it’s Chris x Anri, that making it Suzuki Chihiro x Miyata Kouki. He did a lot of other BL dramas too, but I remember THESE because that’s when his career intersects with the KKM cast.

… KKM is the only thing that can get me to stop talking about Abyss. For a series that’s ended its run, you could never tell. KKM is still getting features in Animage and Animedia and it’s still being serialised in Asuka. (Now I know where to buy Asuka, D8, it looks like I’m not going to stop as long as I get Wolfram). And Yuuri’s brother Shouri TOTALLY has a brother complex. Even Conrad says so. I so need to do a separate KKM post. And a separate Gakuen post. And even a separate PRINCESS PRINCESS post. Darn, this rocks. xD When I get on a roll with LJ NOTHING CAN STOP ME.

Naturally, following this very long entry, seiyuu photographs follow. For those reading this, I don't really know what your seiyuu policy is like. I can imagine that you might not want to see the faces behind the voices and characters you love so much, because some of them can come as rather a shock. Maybe it's like... wowIneedabetteranalogythanthis... certain types of food, because you can eat them but you sure don't wanna know how they're made. But so all the seiyuu talk was above and all the photographs are below, so if you don't wanna see it you don't have to. But for those who do, here goes!

The picture of Suzuki on top, that's my favourite picture of Suzuki.

..Suzuki was your fashion sense influenced by Morikawa? Yep, the picture on the bottom, below this line? That's Suzuki on the left and Morikawa on the right, BOTH OF THEM IN FLORAL SHIRTS.

I can't believe that's Asch's seiyuu?!

The Munesawagi 6 photoshoot is one of my favourite cast photographs EVER. This is because it has Suzuki Chihiro, Inoue Kazuhiko, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Sakurai Takahiro, and Miyata Kouki, THROWING ROSES AT EACH OTHER.

Suzuki going WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY ROSES and Morikawa BEATING SAKURAI with roses LOL WTH D8 8D?!?!?!

Suzuki being cuddled by Inoue Kazuhiko.Suzuki's the one in the maroon shirt.

Which is a LOT better than

Suzuki being cuddled by Morikawa. Suzuki's the one in the colourful shirt on the extreme left. Regrettably, I have not found a better and bigger version of this picture.

All of the seiyuu who seme Suzuki seem to want to cuddle him, but he just happens to be so small and so cuddleable. is a bit weird talking about Asch's seiyuu as being lovable, but when you see him you will understand!

Note: LOL WTH Papa To Kiss drama CD with MikiShin x Midorikawa and TAKEHITO KOYASU (who I now will REMEMBER because of homura and Jade) x Chiba Susumu?! Also, WHAT?! Wild Rock (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Fukuyama Jun)?! AND WHAT?! Suwabe Junichi is in KIRE PAPA?! Also the BL Food Chain is damn hilarious. And Audio Wiki for BL dramas is just FANTASTIC.
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