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trust me
hello everybody! am in Japan now! cannot figure out the keyboard and… 
28th-Jul-2006 10:33 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
hello everybody! am in Japan now! cannot figure out the keyboard and therefore update will be very short. living in chiba, which is light years away from tokyo. today niisan and I said, we will leave ikebukuro at 2pm, and when it was 6pm, we were still there. laughing so hard, and cannot find shift key. was sending mail to my friend and could not figure out any of the letters to do anything. at least japanese keyboard better than belgian keyboard, which has letters in different places. but at least belgian keyboard did not turn typos into japanese characters. went to to tsukiji fish market today on niisan's dad's recommendation. sushi like they make in heaven.

so happy in ikebukuro that could cry, although it was in shinjuku where I saw official luke art I had never seen before that I really became very happy-until-I-could-cry happy. kind of like when I eat the wasabi here. my heavens. is too much for niisan and even she can take more than I do. anyway, more abyss doujin here than I could read in a lifetime. there was even peony x ginji. and the most frightening mieu and luke doujin I could ever imagine. walked around in a daze for most of the day. went to shibuya this evening, so crowded and so amazing and it has everything there that one could possibly imagine. niisan very good at picking songs to listen to on long tokyo to chiba train trips. amazing that listening to a french song in a tokyo subway can make you think of a girl in belgium, but it is true.

don't want to forget the first time I saw this country, the waves breaking on the shore of this land. did not really believe that all the things I saw were real until I saw them. over here they have chocolate like I imagine they make in heaven, had no idea that chocolate could taste so good.

hotel very amusing because room is very small. no room to swing a mouse, but niisan and I had a lot of fun falling over my suitcase trying to get out of the door because we were so high we found it funny. also there is kkm on television which is very amazing to me because I thought it had stopped showing on nhk.

also stood in animate today staring at abyss merchandise while two girls stood next to me and constructed a sentence with ion-sama, luke, and some other person who I am too high to remember now. internet time running out, as are copies of the third abyss novel in animate. have never seen a book disappear so fast, within an hour of my turning up in the shop I saw almost ten books disappear and it was not any of my doing!

don't quite believe that any of this is real.
28th-Jul-2006 02:14 pm (UTC)
Yay! have a great time :oD
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