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Why, hello. You look awfully familiar.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes, you honestly do wish people would be a little more original. Ironic, my saying this, isn't it? Well, I just wanted to say that it's quite easy to get my attention, especially when you post on talesoftheabyss, and this has definitely gotten my attention.

dycroft. And aefallen. Compare these journals, if you please. And if you're up to it, why not this, as well. Trust me, the irony of this situation certainly has not escaped my attention.

It's very hard to make me angry, and it's even harder to make me stay angry. And, trust me, I know the copying-lifting-replica-original-but fanart/icons/images/layouts are for everybody to take and use as they please! debates inside out. I've had my icons and other ideas stolen and used without credit before, so this stuff isn't new to me, and I've generally shut up about it, but this, I'm sorry, is way too much.

The thing is, I wanted to like you. You obssess about Abyss as much as I do, and you like cheegles, and do you know how hard it is to find people who like cheegles? I knew that this was inevitable, in a way, but this sort of behavior on this level is inexcusable, especially when this layout was explicitly not meant to be taken outside of this journal. Also, wow.

Oddly enough, I'm much angrier than I'd be if those screencaps and that layout were made by me. Because I know how much effort homura spent on this layout. I know that she took a month and a half to get the headers alone right. I know what hell coding can be, especially when it's s2 and on this level. I know how difficult making this layout was. I know how much time she took to screencap close on 4,000 screencaps. And I can recognise her screencaps when I see them. It's the benefit of being in possession of an obsessive personality. And if you know how many frames make up an animation, you'll know how difficult it is for two people to screencap exactly alike. I know how much research and effort and precious time she put into this layout.

And to see someone just walk in and do this, this and this, makes me beyond furious. And knowing that you've taken this away from other people, too.

Credit doesn't automatically make what you've done okay.

Especially if you've got the wrong person.

Call it credit if you didn't even get that right?

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