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Tales of the Abyss English Dub

Download Tales of the Abyss English Dub here. All that's on the site is here, and the files have been renamed so you know what you're getting when you open the video. I'm sorry the Jade voice is in the WHAT THE FONON video because WHAT THE FONON, DUDE, I love Largo's voice more than Jade's, how did that happen?! :D English trailer included!

sushihane kindly linked me to the Tales of the Abyss English Dub Samples.

All of us who've seen/heard it are having a massive collective breakdown here.

God, but I'm still so thrilled about Abyss in English! I know I'll lose Koyasu and SUZUKI, WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE SUZUKI, and even the desu no which has no English equivalent, but, I mean, LUKE'S HAVOC STRIKE AND GUY'S DEMON FANG. I have this feeling that it's going to be totally different in English, and I can't wait! And most of all, being able to understand every word the minute I see an expression or a reaction, and being able to actually play this game without having to run off every 15 minutes for the translation! (Although I just might be running off every 15 minutes to bang my head against the wall at every new translation gaffe, but at least it will be funny when it is not being utterly excruciating. XD)

But then again, I'm a different case, because I have been disowned many a time by a fellow anime fan for admitting that it was English dubs that first got me interested in anime. And being the kind of person who enjoys unfunny jokes precisely because they are unfunny, I sometimes get one hell of a kick from watching dubbed shows. They're fascinating!


Also, Fonim = Fonon, unless something drastic happens between now and release.
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