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Tales of the Abyss Official Artwork and upcoming releases

If the replica won't come to the Abyss, the Abyss will come to the replica. Wearing one crazy grin and with a lifetime's supply of doujinshi. *smirks* I'm having great fun going about this tropical island to find out how many places I can bring Abyss doujin to. ; ) I bought 30 doujin in Tokyo (I stand amazed at my own moderation), and ten of them were for others and not for me. :D So far, I've been back for about six days, and five people on four separate occasions have been subjected to the LOOK WHAT I BROUGHT BACK FROM TOKYO!! happiness, and you can BET that count's gonna rise. In the next 18 hours, IT WILL.:D XDDDD The doujin post is gonna be another post, but this post is all official Abyss. I've been spamming raethes and broken_melodie intermittent bits of this, and of course the four people up there have had this in stereo and surround sound, so here goes! XD

Out of all the official Tales of the Abyss Luke artwork, this is the one that I love the best. It's the bigger version of the Luke in my icon. I found it in the Forest comic store in Shinjuku, which is also where I discovered I can sight a one-inch photograph of Luke from ten metres away. This is the Abyss artwork that had Niisan laughing so hard at me for the way I reacted to it.

Me: "I'm not crying!!" ... not very much! But I was so happy!

You might be amused to know that the original image itself is as tall as your finger. Scanning at 1200 dpi does wonders! And makes my computer run out of memory.

Hey, THIS IS ART I COULD FALL IN LOVE WITH. My favourite version of Luke is the way he's drawn in the anime cutscene, as much as I like the way manga!Luke is.

There were also two types of Abyss trading cards. One was approximately ¥420 , and the other, which was drop-dead gorgeous, was ¥6300 The entire sets were framed on the walls of Animate. You should have seen me glued to the walls when I realised that. The only thing that saved me from that set was the fact that I'd seen all the artwork before (it's existing cutscene/game artwork), and the fact that I wasn't going to spend approximately $90 on trading cards. I'm crazy but not that crazy yet. It was also because in Japan I thought of currency in terms of vending-machine-toys and doujinshi. Saved me a lot of money (which I spent on doujin, but STILL). The following image is from the artwork in the latter set, which is official art we've all seen before, but THEY ACTUALLY PUT IT TOGETHER IN THIS WAY. Now if I were Luke, THIS would be the poster on my wall.

I LOVE that this is an official image, man. XDDD This would be the banner of my Asch/Luke love except for the fact that I've run off in the arms of Jade/Luke, Jade/Dist and Guy/Luke.

Now the next image is one Niisan texted me from London to tell me about. "Luke and Tear in Animedia" is all the impetus I need to race off into a half-hour conversation cross-continental conversation on WHAT?! WHAT?! FOR REAL?! ABYSS MADE IT TO ANIMEDIA?! xD Advert also says there'll be a whole bunch of Abyss merchandise, so I'm really looking forward to that. I saw the Abyss postcards and nametag stickers in Ikebukuro's Animate. They're existing art, though, still very pretty! I didn't get them in favour of picking up Book 3 of the Abyss novel (totally need to scan that, too). Anyway:

I love it when series appear in magazines. Nothing beats seeing a series you love on glossy paper in a magazine you can pick up in a store, not even seeing it online. I appear to be a terribly old-fashioned girl even in this digital age - nothing beats being able to hold a book in your hands.

The Tales of the Abyss manga is being serialised (I think) in this magazine, and this is the one I picked up when I was in Japan. I laughed so hard.

Luke looks like he's so LOST WITHOUT YOU.

Guy drives a hard bargain!

Why is Guy so cute when he's confused!? That lowest panel, that's adorable!

Tear and Luke have a Moment. Hey, kuzu sweetheart, it reminds me of me and you, sometimes.

Noir makes her move on Luke. I have to say that the only love I have for Noir comes from a gorgeous fanart site that narugami linked, without which I would be all "..." at the Shikkoku no Tsubasa.

Luke has the biggest spaz moment in all of Kimlasca and Markt. And the Outer Rim.

... When I saw this picture, I was, "Oh, SO that's why this magazine is selling in Akihabara."

Noir proves a bit of handful.

And then some.

I simply cannot take the Shikkoku no Tsubasa seriously. D: I know, Asch, and all that, but STILL.

If I had a gald for every VanXLuke moment I saw... I'd be the ruler of Markt.


Can you feel the desperation in every line of Luke's body? I can. This is so SENSEI I CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU even if he doesn't say the words.

Just wanted to say I'm reading this damned funny manga by Takagi Ryou (whom I became interested in via KKM, when she had a pirate take a prince named Yuuri captive), because she's DONE IT AGAIN with a manga called Ousama game, where this prince grew his hair long in order to become his Niisan's replica, and he gets captured by the enemy country and his hair is cut and it is a plot point and it is really really really fun for all the wrong reasons. Not to mention Takagi Ryou's art is always pretty. *goes back to reading*

Also, when fandoms collide:

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