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This was the weekend that came before the one of the last post -

Saturday, 4th October 2003

Next-door roommate HAS READ ROBIN HOBB! And likes her! ^___________^ He likes David Gemmell, too! And his desktop computer’s wallpaper is Alan Lee’s Rivendell! *beams* He’s the one who’s read all the Harry Potter books in Czech. COOL.

I’ve never found anyone who’s read Hobb and liked her other than my family! That is, in real life ^_^

“Are you cold in the nights?” Hall-mate who reads Robin Hobb asked the Boy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash, and as both were guys, I had to tell the Slasher in me not to ask, “And are you going to do anything about that?”

Did not help when hall-mate subsequently asked, “Have you had a bath yet?”

Robin Hobb Reader said, “If anyone finds a cockroach, I want it.” Another hall-mate said, “But it’s a pest!” First hall-mate said, “But he’s my friend!”

On being told that cockroaches would breed, he said, gleefully, “I’d have loads!”

Said hall-mate refers to an earwig as “Wiggie”.

Went for dance audition today. Seniors have a fixation with Chicago. The audition piece was a five-minute routine from “All That Jazz”.

Was interesting to see the guys audition for that one.

And, oh, yes. The young Obi-Wans of London. There’s a boy in my hall who looks disturbingly like the Obi-Wan on the Jedi Apprentice covers. His name is Richard, but mentally, I call him Obi-Wan. Makes for interesting hall dinners. XDXDXD I saw another Obi-Wan lookalike today, during the dance audition. He was blond, and dressed entirely in black.

Add-on 9/10/03 – Saw Obi-Wan Richard wandering near my corridor today. He lives on my floor. Told him he looked like a certain Jedi. XDXDXD

Also, Obi-Wan the Dancer is doing Law. nescienx says he’s not going to heaven.

Have found Hobbits in London! There are, curiously enough, four of us. I’m Pippin. The rest are all Legolas Fanciers. And tonight we were all out in hoods, as it was rather cold. Hobbits in Bree! *impish grin* We went out to Islington – nearest Tube Stop, Angel. Was fun seeing sign that said “Angel Underground”. Dark fantasy fic title. Found a Borders with a Starbucks that opens till 11pm, which is a rarity in London. Found a 24-hour (except weekends) supermarket! ^_^

Frodo and Sam bought peaches. . . (I’m just saying this. But they did, you know.)

Came back to the Hall, and then went to Merry’s room, and then Frodo’s room. Then discovered that the first CD Merry, Frodo and I owned was the Backstreet Boys’ first album. *hides from everyone* And all of us liked Nick, at least at first. *stays hidden*

We were evil and had a pop karaoke night.

Neighbors deserve it.

Also, Frodo likes Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Sam likes Edison Chen. I agree with the both of them.

We have so many different names for things! Liquid paper in Singapore is correction fluid in Hongkong, and Tipp-Ex in London. Curly fries are spiral fries in Hongkong. And “How will you settle lunch?” is a purely Singaporean question, and this was tested out on Londoners and Hongkongers.

Sunday, 5th October 2003

Went to Camden Town with risax and her friends. Camden much busier during Sunday lunch. Went to visit risax’s room, which has a sink! And an Internet that works! ENVY! *smiles* It’s some twenty minutes away from my hostel, which is great XDXDXD

And for this week. . .

Immensely busy week. Was doing tutorials on from Monday to Wednesday nights for tutorials on the subsequent days. Had late dinners in a room whose only windows are high above the table, and is painted all white. A dinner-mate said he had better food in Russia. Attended Games Society and the Wargames and Role-Playing meetings. Was only first-year girl at both meetings, and the only girl in the first meeting. Do not understand. Oh, anyasy and nescienx - met a guy who said that his favourite Neverwinter Nights module was “Sex and the Single Adventuress.” Thanks to the both of you, I knew what that was instantly. “Put your bookmark between my pages!” indeed ><

Bought Michel Faber’s The Crimson Petal and the White. Adore that book. Have been waiting to get it since this time last year. I, full of glee, told my mother that I’d acquired the book. “What’s it about?” she asked.

“. . . Victorian prostitutes. . .” I had to answer. But it is a seriously good book, and has gorgeous descriptive. And an intelligent heroine.

Attended fencing session! Got to hold a foil! *flees Amarus, yelling, “Not your foil!”*

*has wrong thoughts*

The instructor taught us the fencing salute. The coolest move in it is the one where you bring the blade to your face. ^_^

I met a guy whose name, as he told me, is spelled like Harry, but with an S instead of the H. He was sitting one seat away from me in a Law lecture.

Of course all of you know how I would pronounce this.

“Say that again?” Was my first reaction. Was thinking, Did I end up in Ratal High, somehow?



Anyway, he will be twenty-one this year. ^_^ He’s from the Middle-Earth - Middle-East (from Palestine, specifically), and his name means “leader of a tribe”.

Yes, I asked.

Am thinking of West Side Story’s “Maria”.

Say it softly and it’s like someone praying apologizing


Attended careers talk. My personal tutor is the Careers Tutor, so he was organizing the entire session. He did the opening and closing speeches, and I hope I wasn’t fangirling it was very informative.

Probably because he reminds me so much of Serry, I spent the entire session writing him.

It’s like the way an artist would do a still-life, or sketch a scene in passing. I can’t draw – my first impulse is to write. So I spent the entire hour-long careers session describing Serry my personal tutor. Was listening to talk, of course. But was also writing. He was standing directly in my line of sight, so it was very easy to look occupied. It makes me realize that there is still so much I can’t put into words. I can’t describe how it looks when he glances to the side, and his mouth tilts. I can’t. And there are moods that I can read on his face, but simply won’t translate to words without looking ridiculous.

He fits Serry perfectly. His mannerisms are very much like what I imagine Serry to be like. Even down to the never stops smiling characteristic.

(I know it’s Fandom! Serry! Forgive me!)

He’s soft-spoken, and very gentle. He’s one of those young teachers you sometimes get in schools that all the younger girls fall hopelessly in love with. Even when his mouth doesn’t show it, his eyes hide a smile. His hair is more dark than blond, as I’d first thought.

He was fangirling the first speaker.

He so was.

And then the speaker announces that he and my personal tutor were classmates. “I did my conversion course with Dr. Wilde,” he said, looking at my tutor, “Who was a terrifying student, always sticking up his hand and firing questions at the teacher.”

But he looks so innocent. . .

He bows his head and presses his knuckles to his mouth. And he looks down when he is trying to suppress laughter.


He can say yes in a way that makes it perfectly clear that he’s really saying no.

The people in London are amazing. So many of them look as if they’ve walked right out of fantasy, or fandom. Today I saw a man I knew would fit perfectly into a David Gemmell book. (No, he was not paper-thin.) He had iron-grey hair, and a face that would fit fantasy. And the people here have such beautiful eyes.

Had last lesson with my Personal Tutor today. We’ll only see him once when the next term begins.

Also, Property lecturers are all Slytherins. All. And London is making up for the fact that la_muerta is not with me by throwing all the Snark of Law Faculty in my direction. The man who is to be my Personal Tutor is the Snape of the Law Faculty, even to the extent of students calling him “that git”. (I love London. So much fandom in every word! I still backflip when anyone says, “Cheers” to me. SKINNER!)

Out of the two Introduction to Law tutors I could have had, I got the tutor who, on entering the room we had our tutorial in, said, “What a squalid little dungeon!”

And he is another Snape in the making. Immensely sarcastic by reputation.

My Professor may be interested to know that he reminded the girl who sat next to me of Hugh Grant.


Had Hall Welcome Dinner tonight. Dessert was still half-frozen, so I thought it was an ice-cream cake. Hall-mates corrected me, saying that it was a cheesecake. The white wine we had for dinner was named The Riddle. It was in a lovely green bottle, with a label of the same color. I appropriated two empty bottles after dinner and was rewarded by the Hall Warden coming up to me and saying, “You can drink here, but you can’t take the bottles up to your room to drink them.”

“They’re empty,” I said, showing her the bottles. “I just wanted to keep them because they look pretty.” “Oh,” she said, “That’s all right, then.”

Frodo was sitting at the table when I went off in search of The Riddle bottles. “Why do you want them?” she asked me, with the I-Already-Know expression. She looked at me, then said, “Tom Riddle. . .”

“Am I that obvious?” I asked.

But then, Frodo knows I like Snape, so. . .

Also have discovered that it is only when you are walking up the steps to your room with two empty bottles of wine in your hands that you run into just about everyone on your floor.

“You’ve been drinking!” said the Boy Who Inadvertently Saw Slash.

“I know this looks incriminating,” I said, trying to get my room keys while holding on to both bottles, “But I didn’t drink this!”

“She’s drunk,” said Frodo, very helpfully, as she was accompanying me to my room.

Was not.

A girl straightened my hair today! She has a pair of straightening tongs, and she lives on the second floor. Earlier this week she straightened the hair of the other girl on my floor with the same name as me, and today she straightened my hair. It took only twenty minutes, and it’s to stay straight until the next time I wash it. ^_^ Took pictures. Hair has never been straight before.

Merry tells me she prefers my hair the way it is.

Also, boys choose the worst possible time to read “like” as “Like”. They can be so beautifully obtuse at times, and THEN when you say “like” and mean “He’s not so bad”, they read “like” as “infatuation”.

NEVER tell a boy you like another boy when you DON'T mean you have a crush on him.


Was having hair straightened when guy whose room I was in said, “He likes girls with straight hair.”

I was, “NOOOOOOO. . . ”

And during dinner, he was, “Ask him out! Or I’ll do it for you!”

HE'S STILL DOING IT! And he did it the night before last at dinner! *buries face in hands*

After Hall Dinner, there was a disco. There was a girl from Thailand there who was a fabulous dancer. Best I’ve ever seen in the UK so far.

Also, my accent is so bad that when I asked the bartender (It wasn’t a bar. It was two tables together in an L-shape) for water, he heard me asking for vodka.

Had a hall-mate in my room when my brother called from back home. After ending the call with him, hall-mate asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I was, “. . . No. . . ”

She said, “Oh. I thought you were talking to your boyfriend.”

I was, “!!!!!!!!! THAT’S my brother!”

She said, “Oh! That’s how I talk to my boyfriend.”

For the lack of a better word: o_O

Almost died of envy during that phone conversation with sibling. All of you back home, I am completely envious. YOU GOT TO WATCH THE ROTK TRAILER!!!!!!!

Brother says Legolas looks silly in a hood.

I was, “How is that different from any other time?”

Am having Legolas as Ringwraith thoughts. XDXDXD

Also, brother says LOTR is on this month’s F1rst. He is also going to watch Underworld again. If were home, would watch it with him! Both of us adored the movie, although we discovered many others didn’t share the same opinion.

He’s choosing which JC to go to now, and if I were home, I would drag him to VJ first, and gleefully show him around.

Would also nudge him into Writers’ Circle. XDXDXD

Am now writing this at 11.05pm on Thursday night. Am gleefully happy that do not have to do tutorial preparation tonight.

I do wish the couples in my hall would just tone it down. Is extremely embarrassing when we can hear everything. When you can be heard across the quadrangle, you must be doing something wrong.

But tonight. Same thing happened. Except a man who I believe must be from my side of the building yelled, “Atta girl!” into the night.

The Noise stopped soon after.


People in hall very drunk. Someone is now yodeling in the corridors.

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  • because true love never dies.

    Up to my eyeballs in solicitor-ethics lectures this week, which also marks the one month + one week anniversary of my being put intensively on this…

  • layout REBORN!

    In a move that will probably surprise no one: new layout! because Amano's art can be so awesome, and I'll take every chance I get to share…


    I started this entry at 8.51pm, ladies and gentlemen, and then I had to leave the house and I'm only now reunited with my laptop at 12.33am. And I…