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UNIVERSITY IS EATING SO MUCH MORE OF MY LIFE THAN I EXPECTED IT TO. I am behind on about EIGHT BILLION LJ POSTS, MY GOD. I will attempt to cure this with what time I DO get on the computer these days. I have been meaning to do an abyss doujin post for forever, but then I get sidetracked by writing 600+ word entries on the lyrics on Mooche doujin. THE LYRICS ALONE. OH WELL LET ME DEMONSTRATE. Next post is the 5% of the entire abyss doujin post I have written so far.

THE DARREN SHAN MANGA IS TOTAL LOVE. I COMPLETELY need to scan it. The second installment is out (heard this by way of maiki, thank you!) and just as I said I shouldn't I ran right off to Kino AND THEY HAD IT! I thought I was resigned to waiting two weeks or forever, but NO IT IS HERE. And it seems like the Orchard Kino only ever gets two copies - either that, or I MOVE SLOW, which is untrue, but anyyyyyyway. The first installment was 72 pages, which is also how I discovered I can read Cirque Du Freak, Steve, and Darren, all through Tales of the Abyss character names. Reading it at first was honestly a little odd to me (much like the first time I heard KH2 with all the Disney characters speaking in Japanese, YES I AM SLOW), because I'd imagined everyone in English for so long, and none of them looked anything like the way I imagined them, but I got used to it. Got to quite like it, even, it's like a whole new series from the series I remember now.

ANYWAY VOLUME TWO. There isn't the Steve and Darren bedroom scene I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to see (basically, I meant the 'WHY ARE YOU AVOIDING ME, Darren?' scene) there is HALF of that scene left but they do it on a STREET and not in Darren's house BUT BUT BUT, IT HAD DARREN HOLDING UNCONSCIOUS!STEVE'S hand, and Mr. Crepsley is about 8,000 times MORE HOT THAN I HAD IMAGINED HIM, although that may have to do with the fact that A, who was translating for me, switched from her youthful/noisy Darren voice STRAIGHT into ONE HELL OF AN INCREDIBLE CREPSLEY VOICE that sent shivers down my spine and had me go 'HOW DID YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THAT VOICE?!' at which she just laughed. ALSO, MR. CREPSLEY GOES 'NYA'. NYA I TELL YOU. NYA. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY BRAIN IS BROKEN.

Remind me to talk about voices when translating doujin when I make an abyss doujin post, because some of you guys are DAMNED GOOD at voices. I AM SO SORRY MY FRIENDS FOR UNLEASHING ABYSS AND MORE ABYSS AND EVEN MORE ABYSS ON ALL OF YOU, you know who you are, feel free to demand recompense. ♥

But there is the whole 'DARREN YOU'RE MY ONLY FRIEND WHAT WOULD I DO IF I LOST YOU' and the way Darren reacts to Steve being bitten by the spider is REALLY DARN GOOD.

The best Darren Shan fanfiction I have ever read was... Crepsley/Darren. Set to either Savage Garden or Evanescence. IF YOU MUST ASK ONE CAN GET VERY DESPERATE WHEN ATTEMPTING TO FIND FANFICTION FOR SERIES without many writers, which also explains how I know where to find IonXSink fic in Chinese, on a site you have to REGISTER an account for to read, and I can link it to you if you want it. Anyway, Darren Shan, I found ONE HINTED STEVE/DARREN. ISH. fic, which was Steve POV and kinda dark and good, but really really short.

OH IT IS ACTUALLY SO INCREDIBLE TO SEE THIS SERIES IN JAPANESE because hearing Steve yell "YOU LIE!" in Japanese is somehow 7,0000 times funnier than hearing it in English. Also to hear Steve go, "Ano this, Ano that" IS DAMN FUNNY to me because I JUST NEVER ASSOCIATE STEVE WITH 'ANO' anything.

To tell the absolute truth I am now sifting through the 840+ comments on afrai's journal to see if I can find any mention of Dragon Tiger Gate slash.

And staying up to talk to Niisan, of course. Oh darn I don't remember if she's having a firm dinner tonight. NEVER MIND I'LL WAIT.

OH I NEED TO MENTION that there is this guy in my university WHO REMINDS ME COMPLETELY OF SUZUKI CHIHIRO WITH AN ACCEPTABLE HAIRSTYLE, and it did not help that the first time I saw him he was in pink and he has dyed hair which is the Suzuki shade and I was all "........ /////////////////// ^____________________^" ... obviously, I am far from coherent.

Also I wanted to reassure Eve and Pei Yi and 'frai that I do not always write about old men, so how about I post this one abyss drabble thing I wrote, and let's all imagine the word Luke is Tiger, and the name Asch is Dragon.

OH IN MY UNIVERSITY THIS WEEK THERE WERE TWO PEOPLE FALLING INTO CEMENT PITS. CEMENT PITS I ASK YOU. And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR LECTURERS who mentioned this to us said, "I said that the students don't need to use their skills so fast! What are we doing, bringing negligence actions in our own backyard?"
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