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I say love is like an abyss. People fall in it.

Before I launch into a very long post about doujin, a quick word about what I like to call the price of everything.

A copy of Asuka in London costs approximately ¥1,500. A copy of Animedia goes for about ¥2,200 (that's £10) in London (and it retails for ¥640 in Japan). Abyss doujin on Ebay can go for approximately US$20, which is ¥2,300. An anime calendar in London goes for £50, which is a stunning ¥10,900. If you have to have your anime anything in London... heh. And not to mention the only Abyss anything you get in London is Abyss fanart at the back of Animedia. (If you feel like converting, here's a good site)

And since I've been living in London for the past three years, Tokyo was heaven in more ways than one.

About three months ago, I was responding to one of maiki's posts and saying that I was happy she'd found some, because"I was wondering if there was Abyss doujin in Japan."

Is there Abyss doujin in Japan?

Oh aefallen, you of little faith.

Is there shonen-ai in KKM? Do things mieu in Cheegle Woods? Does Mr. NO IT'S NOT A SKIRT seriously need to stop being a pain in the Asch? Does a bearbee - okay, let's leave it there.


And I reacted just like maiki to Mooche doujin, too, and I'm not even as passionate an Asch fan as I am a fan of cheegles. And I was rereading this and I am happy to say that now, the Tales section in Mandarake is FILLED with Abyss doujin. It's an entire Tales section and it's 98% Abyss and 2% other Tales series. Also, even if you visit Mandarake early in the morning, visit again later in the afternoon, because the shelves get restocked and updated, and I picked up more Abyss doujin that wasn't there in the morning when I went back in the afternoon.

Got ranchelle Mooche's STAY BLANK DARKNESS doujin. Didn't have the time to scan it before I gave it away, but its cover art is GORGEOUS, (the quote was different, though, and very, very Asch-appropriate), and it had a postcard inside it, and there was an adorable chibi!Asch on Mushroom Road artwork behind that postcard. It's extremely rare for me that I know a doujin's worth however much it costs the minute the cover flips, but this is one of them. I personally am not as great a Mooche fan as some people I know, but this artist does covers like no one else. I can't tell you how strange it felt to be standing in a bookshop holding this doujin in my hands. It felt like everything that I did online was real, as if everything I'd only ever imagined before, everything that I only see in the darkness of night was before me in daylight, and it was almost unsettling. I usually keep the series I'm interested in firmly inside my head, and my fandom/RL divide is very very strong, even if it doesn't seem so. When I was looking at all of this it felt like the divide dissolved.

I actually thought the words on the cover of Mooche's doujin were the most fitting and lyrical words I've ever seen set to artwork, so I set out to research them. The quote for Sordino comes from the Flaming Lips song The Sound of Failure, and here it is:

Standing there in the graveyard
While the moon sprays its fireworks in your hair
The sound of failure calls her name
She's decided to hear it out

Here's the rest of the song: She can't pretend to know what it means to be dead.

Now the quote for the Asch doujin sent chills up my spine when I read it, and the minute I found the song it came from the feeling only intensified. The Asch quote is the song Already Dead by Beck, and here it is:

All the pleasures of the day
All the treasures you could hold
Days turn to sand
Losing strength in every hand

Here's the rest of the song: Love looks away in the harsh light of day.

I scanned in approximately 100+ pages of doujin covers and doujin pages. *blinks at the files*

EDITED TO ADD: WE DID IT! NEVER let me see a CAN WE HIT 100/1000 comments challenge, because I will feel that it is my BOUNDEN DUTY TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PROMISE IS FULFILLED IT IS DONE. ♥

ALSO I AM SO SORRY for anyone else's LJ I spam tonight, because I am just so FULL OF HIGH and EVERYWHERE TO SPREAD IT TO. ♥
Also raethes is love because I have never met an LJ comment I wanted to eat so much.
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