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Happiness is waking up in the morning to have your Niisan saying, YOU CLONE, you're only interested in degenerating replicas (ah, so that's what they mean by self-absorbed ♥), and coming home at night to have your twin tell you redheads have more sex.

Anyway, this post exists because of a wish I made two weeks ago, one I didn't even realise had already been granted the second I'd made it. Niisan and I were in Kino checking out the latest Animedia, which has one heck of an amazing Megane Special (I'm not into meganes, but Niisan is, and the minute the two of us saw the Animedia special we reacted in exactly the same way). Heh. That was when I discovered the name of the artist who'd been doing the Getbackers, Trinity Blood and Princess Princess artwork I loved so much - and she's Nakajima Atsuko. (Or Atsuko Nakajima, whichever you prefer). We were talking about what we'd love her to draw, and I said, "If there was only one person she could draw, I'd want her to draw Asch, because she could draw an Asch even I would fall in love with."

And yesterday I found out I already had my wish. Nakajima Atsuko is the artist for the Famitsu Bunko version of the Abyss novels. So you can imagine how it feels like, finding out that not only has your favourite artist drawn for your favourite series, but also that you have three whole books of her artwork to find and fall in love with. (Now that explains why I could never take my eyes off the Famitsu version of Asch).

So, here's some of her artwork (it's ALL over Animedia and Animage nowadays, much to my intense happiness)! If she ever releases an artbook of just her art, I would be so into it. (I know there is the Getbackers/You're Under Arrest book), but I've been seeing a lot of really, really good work this year, and I hope one day it'll all get compiled the way You Higuri's has. You Higuri has a VERY VERY VERY good artbook out now. Niisan and I were looking at it, and she owns it, and it is UTTERLY amazing).

SO, NIISAN! ♥ Like I promised, a Nakajima Atsuko special!

You know, I can't believe the artist behind this picture is drawing Asch and Luke. HEHEHEHEH. (Careful when you click that link, and be ready to explain that Cain is a girl if people catch you looking at it). But seriously, he doesn't feel like Cain at all, there.

Oh jeez, remind me to upload the scans for the Animegane Special. I scanned it two weeks ago and argh, have not had the time to resize/upload/post. I've still not caught up on posting all the Abyss artwork I've scanned.

And of course, the majority of this post would be devoted to Abyss artwork. Those of you on talesoftheabyss have already seen this here, and you can give this part a miss. *grin* This is artwork from the Tales of the Abyss Famitsu Bunko novels. These are from the second book and the third book.

Naturally you will also find I describe the pictures differently on my own LJ than I do in a community. If you want the post that doesn't look like it's been written by someone who wildly supports Luke/everybody and Everybody/Luke, go here. ♥ If you want an extremely biased version that is very slash-friendly, read on. ♥

Warning: Artwork contains massive Abyss spoilers.


Mieu and his little friend are so happy together. I think the cheegles multiply behind the covers of Abyss novels.


I can't help thinking Curse Slot!Guy looks an awful lot like the jealous boyfriend from hell.

Luke: Because I'm worth it. Seriously, does this not look like a shampoo ad?

Because do-it-yourself haircuts are all the rage in Markt and Kimlasca.

They'd make good poster boys for fomicry, wouldn't they?

Bookmark that came with the book:

Sometimes, I think Asch is never more beautiful than he is in this artwork, and in Eldrant.

Really, Luke/Tear is one of my true Abyss OTPs. Next to Luke/Natalia. I think that in every series I go for, I fall straight for the Main Character X Everybody pairings, all the time, which is why I can see Everybody/Yuuri and Yuuri/Everybody, too.

Asch: Yare, yare, yare. (You know, not like he'd ACTUALLY say that, but doesn't that look like the expression on his face?)

ETA: ... at least I didn't step on the cheegle ♥

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