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After the Moot – Dinner With Ewan.

Wednesday, 15th July 2003

Went for dinner at a parents’ friend’s house. Their daughter Tess’ childhood friend was invited.

And his name was Ewan.


So, me being me, I asked, “How do you spell that?”

(You didn’t really think I was going to pass up the opportunity, did you? ^_^ )

And he said, “Ewan as in Ewan Mcgregor.”


(Pardon me. But I get high on the slightest mention of fandom.)

Tess told us about a pair of students in her first year in Halls which sounded exactly like the Weasley Twins, except these two were for real, and they weren’t related. They were a boy and a girl, and there was very little that they didn’t get up to. They put food colouring in the showerheads, so people would get coloured showers. They found the hall store open, and set up, in the quadrangle of the hall, a room – with bed, bedside table, lamp, and all amenities appropriated from the store. They affixed party poppers to the lavatory chains. They filled party poppers with ketchup. And they were “creeping around at night”.

And, nescienx, arch, ammonium: EWAN LIVES IN SYDNEY!

And he’s going back there to work in an accounting firm. ; )

You might see him on the streets. ^_^

Ewan has very interesting birthdays. One of them involved two sheep and a kangaroo. (Apparently, not questionably.) Another involved the interior of a police van. (I wanted to say “the back of a police van” and realised I was having Wrong Thoughts.)

And they fine you $120 for jaywalking in Sydney and Canberra! What?!?!

After listening to Tess and Ewan’s undergraduate experiences, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing undergraduates will not do.

Tess said that the wildest students, strangely enough, are the Royal Veterinary College students. There’ll be a party, and at 2am in the morning, the vets will be seized with the wild urge to tip cows, and yell, “Let’s go tip some cows!” and race off in the direction of the fields. Cows, so I’m told, sleep standing, and it is a source of great amusement to these vets-in-training to tip the sleeping cows over.

Also I was told tales of the Committee that organises student gatherings in Tess’ college. The first task of the new Committee of the year is to clean up after the final party the last Committee throws. So the Committee on the way out goes all the way to make the venue as filthy as possible. One year they turfed the entire floor – Brought contractors in, laid down earth and grass. And after that, one of the succeeding Committees threw a beach party themed event, and hired a contractor to bring three tons of sand in.

So the new Committees had one heck of a time cleaning everything up.

I will collect stories.

Went back, and was talking to Obi-Wan Richard and The Boy Who Was Tossing Nemo. (No Dwarf Tossing analogies, please - None) Then we wandered up to another girl’s room to watch the closing credits of the last episode of Sex And the City. It was past midnight, but I’d no lectures the next day, so it was all good. ^_^

Thursday, 16th July 2003


Lecturer away on course. ; )

MAIL ON STRIKE TODAY! *dies laughing* There seems to be very little in this country that does not go on strike. And also, in my hall, which has 450 students on eight floors, has only one functioning lift out of a total of four lifts.

I just thought you would like to know.

*giggles mischievously*

Did laundry. Ran into Terry Pratchett fan in the laundry room. Who also likes Phillip Pullman. He had Feet of Clay with him when doing his washing. ^_^


Went out with Frodo to Macdonald’s. For the express purpose of buying the Happy Meal. To get the Nemo toy. Sam refused to go with Frodo, claiming that Frodo only wanted to go for the toy. Frodo said, “All right, then. I’ll go with aefallen. She’ll want to go.”

WE GOT GILL!!!!!!!

*looks very pleased and waves Gill in arch’s direction* Was extremely jealous of his Gill. And now I have one of my own! *cuddles Gill*

Frodo taught me the Way of the Happy Meal Box. You put your toy on it, and it lights up. The Box completes a circuit, which lights the fish up. Also, if two of you hold the toy, as Frodo and I did, and then hold hands, you complete the circuit, and Gill is illuminated. The instruction manual that comes with the fish tells you what to do. Frodo and I were very impressed with the holding hands trick. ; )

Frodo says I’m obsessed with Nemo.

We went to sign up for our clubs and societies. You have to pay for every single one. I joined the Anime Society, although I’ve yet to attend any of their meetings, and Singsoc.

Somehow, Frodo and I synchronised feeling extremely sleepy at 5pm, then going to bed until it was time for dinner. I told her it must have been the sedatives in the Happy Meal. Then I theorized that it must have been the human circuit which exhausted us.

Went for second Thames cruise, this one organized by Singsoc. Got confused on the Tube network. Got lost. Got into a cab, but did not know how to open the door to let self out. Would have felt very silly if I wasn’t panicking about missing the boat. As it was, I managed to get on. *waves wildly* I ran up to Tower Pier, and saw the Singsoc president still waiting there. I was almost shamefully relieved to see him. I was one of the last few to get on the boat.

It seems like several things never change about Thames Cruises. Such as:

1 . People throwing cups overboard.

2 . People throwing up overboard.

3 . People getting drunk.

4 . People getting very drunk.

5 . Playing this song that ends with, “I’ll get you naked by the end of this song.”

And Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”.

But this cruise was much more sane than the Law Faculty Cruise. There was one guy who was, I am told, high, and certainly looked out-of-it. Had the disturbing experience of seeing people I actually knew as ex-classmates drunk.

A guy from my hall was trying to teach me to moonwalk. *giggles* Not that I’m any good at it, but he was great fun. A fellow Law Faculty student did a great impression of the “I’m Not Drunk But I Can’t Stop Throwing Up” syndrome. (She wasn’t drunk. But she was very humorous.) The three of us were standing out on deck, and two guys lurched up to the top of the boat, supporting each other.

My Moonwalking Teacher said, “Two guys going upstairs!”

I told him, “That sounds very wrong.”

He said, gleefully, “Two guys going upstairs hand in hand!”


Am still collecting stories. Will ask people what the silliest thing they have seen a drunken person do/did while drunk was. A senior Sparrow knows said that the silliest thing a friend of his did while drunk was lie down, and roll down Oxford Street.

All of Oxford Street.

The silliest thing my Moonwalking Teacher did while drunk, on a friend’s 21st birthday party, was dancing with his friend’s grandmother.

Caught a cab home with my Moonwalking Teacher (who lives in the same hall as I do), and two of his friends.

On the train today, I was on the Piccadilly line, and thinking about how I would take this line when I go to the airport to catch my plane home for Christmas.

And the thought of it made me sick with joy.

(Not literally.)

Also I had a slashy dream last night about Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp.

*glances at majokai*

This is what happens when SHE *looks at majokai* talks to Suspicious Susceptible Minds.

I haven’t even seen Once Upon A Time in Mexico! And look what’s happened to me!

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