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Me, Myself and I

You ever get times in your life when you think, I wish I had a replica? Coincidentally, last week for risax and I was just like that. It would be terribly fun to have a replica. You could be hard at work while being fast asleep. You could be listening attentively to a lecture while posting on LJ. You could be taking driving lessons while being in Japanese class! You could be in university while being out on town! When I was eight years old one of our questions for homework was If there was a double of you, would you make friends with them? and eight-year-old me wrote, Yes, because my double would need friends too. My brother thought the concept was amazing, because he runs competitively, and he said "It'd be great! You'd have someone who could pace you!" That is, given that you r replica was someone you could actually put up with.

The next time I want to volunteer for anything, I need to go sit in a corner and think about all my commitments until the urge goes away. Never works, though, there'll always be a new project, a new initiative, a new something that I'll take a look at and go, Hey, I think that'd be great! Or even if I don't think it'll be great, I think I'll learn something from it, and the thing is, I usually find the experience worthwhile, at the end. I'll be I can make time for that, even if I'll get a little busy... - except the little usually means a whole lot.) And usually I'll end up volunteering next year. Some people never learn. *laughing* Or some people never give up.

But GRRRRR, sometimes you end up having to accomplish a task when NO ONE is willing to start working, and after a while you get sick of it and bite the bullet, but it means that from then on you're the default leader and in charge. At least I'm not getting graded for this.

So last week was one hell of a week for elvaron, harajukufuuri and I, which explains how our let-off-steam session was finally breaking in my PS2 (acquired it almost a month ago, only managed to open it three days ago). I named him Mieu before I even saw him, because he was going to be, and he was going to have to take a lot of abuse. First game ever played on this PS2: Kyou Kara Maou!. *grin* The thing is, El's a Conrad/Yuuri fan, harajukufuuri's a Murata/Yuuri fan, and I'm Yuuri/Wolfram to the core. But the one thing we all agreed on was that none of us wanted to flirt with Gunter. KKM's essentially a dating game, and the way you interact with the characters determines who you end up with. The most hilarious thing about the game is that the choice which you think will win you the most love don't always. The three of us concluded that all the KKM characters are sadists.

PS2s were meant to be shared with other people. After dinner we all took turns with Kingdom Hearts 2 and Atlantica. The Under the Sea minigame is the best crack ever, and I think I'm finally starting to like the song. I remember... was it you, Kaasan? with that song as your ringtone? *grin* El is a gaming natural, just like harajukufuuri's an Abyss natural. The three of us and my brother had a go at the game, and El won us all hands down. I was at the abyss of achievement for that one, but I had so much fun with it. That game was not designed for you to watch the action and actually play with any modicum of competence.

*looks up at presentation announcing Self-Replicating Genetic Material* ... I get it. For this course, our first lecture was like this. Professor: So, if someone made a copy of you from your DNA, could you sue them?

The point of this post is really to link KH2 fic, because harajukufuuri didn't get to finish reading this one (interrupted by property law lecture):

kingdom hearts 2 fic recommendations

[Vexen/Xigbar fic]: 8,700 words, and I loved this. I rarely, if ever, read Organisation fic, but this was excellent. It was funny, and at the same time, wasn't unrealistic. It really made the pairing work for me, even though it's one I don't normally think of. If you don't have time for anything else... read this or the next fic.

[I Against I]: When I heard that lazulisong had written this Riku fic, I knew that I'd do whatever it took to read this. And I loved it. It's the Tales of the Abyss story I'll never get, and absolutely perfect for KH2.

[Fish or Cut Bait]: Riku/Sora. This just made me giddy with happy like you wouldn't believe.

[Five Drabbles]: Axel, Roxas, Riku and Sora, but the reason I liked this was the Axel/Sora. If I ever leave Riku/Sora, it'll be for this pairing. I haven't yet found fic that gives me true-blue Axel/Sora, but I'll find it one day!

[CFUD - Audience Appreciation]: If you follow cfud, this particular set has Riddle-Axel interaction that was priceless. I'm always on the lookout for someone who can take Axel's Got it memorized and give it right back to him, and Riddle does just that.

[Good Enough] - Axel/Riku high-school AU, beautifully and wonderfully done.

and just for fun

[Replika] - A Kingdom Hearts 2 video, parody, massive spoilers, features Weird Al Yankovic's I Think I'm A Clone Now. DIED LAUGHING. 'I can stay at home while I'm out of town'. It's all about why it's so cool to have more than one of you.

[really funny icons]: kh2's 'don't cha'. and I am a sucker for 'I wish I knew how to quit you!' icons.
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