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trust me
Me, Myself and I 
9th-Oct-2006 08:31 am
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA

You ever get times in your life when you think, I wish I had a replica? Coincidentally, last week for risax and I was just like that. It would be terribly fun to have a replica. You could be hard at work while being fast asleep. You could be listening attentively to a lecture while posting on LJ. You could be taking driving lessons while being in Japanese class! You could be in university while being out on town! When I was eight years old one of our questions for homework was If there was a double of you, would you make friends with them? and eight-year-old me wrote, Yes, because my double would need friends too. My brother thought the concept was amazing, because he runs competitively, and he said "It'd be great! You'd have someone who could pace you!" That is, given that you r replica was someone you could actually put up with.

The next time I want to volunteer for anything, I need to go sit in a corner and think about all my commitments until the urge goes away. Never works, though, there'll always be a new project, a new initiative, a new something that I'll take a look at and go, Hey, I think that'd be great! Or even if I don't think it'll be great, I think I'll learn something from it, and the thing is, I usually find the experience worthwhile, at the end. I'll be I can make time for that, even if I'll get a little busy... - except the little usually means a whole lot.) And usually I'll end up volunteering next year. Some people never learn. *laughing* Or some people never give up.

But GRRRRR, sometimes you end up having to accomplish a task when NO ONE is willing to start working, and after a while you get sick of it and bite the bullet, but it means that from then on you're the default leader and in charge. At least I'm not getting graded for this.

So last week was one hell of a week for elvaron, harajukufuuri and I, which explains how our let-off-steam session was finally breaking in my PS2 (acquired it almost a month ago, only managed to open it three days ago). I named him Mieu before I even saw him, because he was going to be, and he was going to have to take a lot of abuse. First game ever played on this PS2: Kyou Kara Maou!. *grin* The thing is, El's a Conrad/Yuuri fan, harajukufuuri's a Murata/Yuuri fan, and I'm Yuuri/Wolfram to the core. But the one thing we all agreed on was that none of us wanted to flirt with Gunter. KKM's essentially a dating game, and the way you interact with the characters determines who you end up with. The most hilarious thing about the game is that the choice which you think will win you the most love don't always. The three of us concluded that all the KKM characters are sadists.

PS2s were meant to be shared with other people. After dinner we all took turns with Kingdom Hearts 2 and Atlantica. The Under the Sea minigame is the best crack ever, and I think I'm finally starting to like the song. I remember... was it you, Kaasan? with that song as your ringtone? *grin* El is a gaming natural, just like harajukufuuri's an Abyss natural. The three of us and my brother had a go at the game, and El won us all hands down. I was at the abyss of achievement for that one, but I had so much fun with it. That game was not designed for you to watch the action and actually play with any modicum of competence.

*looks up at presentation announcing Self-Replicating Genetic Material* ... I get it. For this course, our first lecture was like this. Professor: So, if someone made a copy of you from your DNA, could you sue them?

The point of this post is really to link KH2 fic, because harajukufuuri didn't get to finish reading this one (interrupted by property law lecture):

kingdom hearts 2 fic recommendations

[Vexen/Xigbar fic]: 8,700 words, and I loved this. I rarely, if ever, read Organisation fic, but this was excellent. It was funny, and at the same time, wasn't unrealistic. It really made the pairing work for me, even though it's one I don't normally think of. If you don't have time for anything else... read this or the next fic.

[I Against I]: When I heard that lazulisong had written this Riku fic, I knew that I'd do whatever it took to read this. And I loved it. It's the Tales of the Abyss story I'll never get, and absolutely perfect for KH2.

[Fish or Cut Bait]: Riku/Sora. This just made me giddy with happy like you wouldn't believe.

[Five Drabbles]: Axel, Roxas, Riku and Sora, but the reason I liked this was the Axel/Sora. If I ever leave Riku/Sora, it'll be for this pairing. I haven't yet found fic that gives me true-blue Axel/Sora, but I'll find it one day!

[CFUD - Audience Appreciation]: If you follow cfud, this particular set has Riddle-Axel interaction that was priceless. I'm always on the lookout for someone who can take Axel's Got it memorized and give it right back to him, and Riddle does just that.

[Good Enough] - Axel/Riku high-school AU, beautifully and wonderfully done.

and just for fun

[Replika] - A Kingdom Hearts 2 video, parody, massive spoilers, features Weird Al Yankovic's I Think I'm A Clone Now. DIED LAUGHING. 'I can stay at home while I'm out of town'. It's all about why it's so cool to have more than one of you.

[really funny icons]: kh2's 'don't cha'. and I am a sucker for 'I wish I knew how to quit you!' icons.
9th-Oct-2006 09:16 am (UTC)
A replica? I'd settle for a smart!bot.


I understand though. Life is really all kinds of busy and bustling and overbearing and in-your-face and and and *takes a breath* sometimes it would be nice to be in two places at once.
11th-Oct-2006 12:46 am (UTC)
I've just realised that my icon looks like the Luke-cheegle version of your icon. *grin*

But would I be able to wear my smartbot's clothes? *grin*

If I had a smartbot, I'd want it to be a snarky one. *grin*

I am in the library again! *waves at you* And *snug* you can completely relate. Sometimes I think the busy times make me appreciate the quiet times so much more, and then I think Well, it would also be nice to be able to breathe a little more. *grin*

And it would be great to be in two places at once. *grin* Then I could be in Australia and London and Tokyo and still stayat home. ; )
9th-Oct-2006 09:17 am (UTC)
Yes, because my double would need friends too.

You were so cute! *pinches your cheeks omg* xD After spending the whole day surrounded by 8 year old Japanese kids yesterday, I can totally imagine a little!aefallen. :) Standing on a car somewhere? ;)

I'd love a replica, omg. It could go walk the cheegle! ;) And if I can't decide what to wear, I can wear two things at once! *laughs*

but it means that from then on you're the default leader and in charge.

xD That reminds me of risax, the unwillingly-seme-girl? *g* See, when I am in a team and people won't start working without being poked.. I'll usually be the one poking, but I never end up being the default leader. xD I did get chosen by my classmates to be in the student..whatever it is called, which surprised me because no one ever listens to me. *sulk*

:D Waah, I am so jealous! I wish I got to play with your Mieu, too! xD *laughs* So glad you had so much fun~!

That is, given that your replica was someone you could actually put up with.

*smirk* ... no comment. xD Glad you're my kuzu, not my replica. ;)
11th-Oct-2006 12:56 am (UTC)
*eight year old me has cheeks pinched* You know, that actually did happen a lot when I was a child. A lot of my teachers would go Rosy cheeks! and I'd get pinched. It could only have been worse if I'd had dimples, too.

Eight year old Japanese kids are adorable, aren't they? Niisan and I see some at home and in Tokyo, and they were so cute. And when they talk they do actually remind me of Hani-sempai. Were you holding a school event or something? ; )

Actually when I was eight I did stand on cars. Until I was ten, at least, and maybe beyond, even. So did my brothers!

*grin* I thought that if one had a replica, you could borrow each others' clothes! But I didn't think of wearing two things at once! ; )

You're lucky! Usually the one poking does end up the default leader! Or maybe because where I am (if we're not getting graded for it) there's a tendency to hold back and wait until someone else gets everything going. *laughing* Do you mean the student council?

You will get to play with my Mieu when you're here in December! *grin* Even if you don't have a compatible PS2 and I don't have the game, when the two of us meet we'll have both! *beams*

Well, you know, sometimes even if your replica drives you crazy, you still love them. Like SOME people I know. *meaningful look* ; )
9th-Oct-2006 09:26 am (UTC)
11th-Oct-2006 12:47 am (UTC)
YOU TOO?! NIISAN LOVES YOU ♥ And I thought I was one of the very few people who did! *grin*

XDDDD SOMEONE~ suggested that I write harajukufuuri Riku/Sora and write you Axel/Roxas, and I said, "Can I save time and write Axel/Sora?" because I would be completely for that. ♥
9th-Oct-2006 10:10 am (UTC)
do u have devil may cry on your ps2? :P
9th-Oct-2006 10:19 am (UTC)
You know that Axel-mun also played Riddle in cfud, right? :D
11th-Oct-2006 12:49 am (UTC)
.... I didn't!! *JUST BEAMS* Now THAT is absolutely brilliant! *grin* Now that's the sort of thing I should keep track of more often. *is smiling away happily* I had no idea! But now that makes it even more amazing! I shall now read both Axel and Riddle's work/interaction/comments with twice the glee! *smiles* Thank you so much! ; )
9th-Oct-2006 11:41 am (UTC)
Me want replica and me want replica now.

So that the replica can stay in London and do all the LPC rubbish while I go home to Singapore and laugh at your cheegle hitting its head against the chair. :D
11th-Oct-2006 09:28 am (UTC)
*acquires replica, presents it to you with a flourish!*

Also if you had a replica, I could have a Niisan wherever I went! :D

*runs over to rescue it from hitting its head against the chair*
9th-Oct-2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
You were such a sweet child at 8!

I want a replica so I can have fun (or get frustrated) calling him/her/it kuzu. I want to lean towards everyone/Roxas...XD

At least I'm not getting graded for this.
Most people would say the opposite like - 'WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS WHEN I"M NOT GRADED FOR IT'.

I guess you must be VERY busy lately then >_< (well, I guess my level of being busy finally matched the first level of yours now)
11th-Oct-2006 09:34 am (UTC)
Oh, that reminds me! Whenever I see you next I'll pass you the Van-Asch Abyss novel. Hopefully by then I'll understand more than 10% of it. XDDD I really enjoy misinterpreting that one. I'm actually finding that quite a few people have somehow heard of Abyss before, and in my university! So I'm very thrilled.

Heh, I'm sure if you asked my mother she might have a different opinion. But thank you! ; )

Oh, if I tried that with my replica:

Replica: And if I'm kuzu, it's ALL YOUR FAULT.
or: Replica: YOU SAY ME I SAY YOU BACK, etc.

'cause if I were a cheegle Luke would get bitten everytime he kicked me. xD

*grin* Leaning only? I'm quite assuredly an Everyone/Sora fan, but I'm like that for every main character in every series. Ummm. I'm a little ambivalent to Roxas, actually, but I was the same way to Axel until I read the manga and then now I like Axel, so hopefiully my feelings for Roxas will change with time!

*laughing* Heh, once I start doing something, I'll do it. Thinking about why I'm doing it is pretty much a waste of my time if I can't get out of it. *grin*

HEHEHEHEH. I'D SAY, considering that the last two times I've seriously been able to post/comment on LJ happened in university, of all places. Ah well, the good thing about it is I know what's important to me, and everything else gets sacrificed accordingly. ; ) I'll always make time to meet up with friends, even if said meetup can sometimes happen weeks from the present moment in time.
9th-Oct-2006 01:41 pm (UTC)
*laugh* harajukufuuri's skillz are by far the l33test. I simply play too many games that require you to do this sort of anticipation thing. ...And I'm good at button mashing XD.

It was so fun, though! Thanks for a wonderful evening!
10th-Oct-2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
Your Japanese PWNZ mine :D

I had loads of fun too. We should totally Do It again. :D I need to make more people watch the Chain of Memories movie, and I still need to pass you Conqueror of Shambala once I dig it up! And of course there's the KKM. Nothing beats monitoring the heart-o-meter of our respective ship's non-Yuuri half while sekritly scheming to obtain ending of our choice! >:D
9th-Oct-2006 02:11 pm (UTC)
so much to do and so little time... replicas are the answer ..
then the other questions would be would replicas share the experiences ??
12th-Oct-2006 02:14 pm (UTC)
*grin* Heh, I remember you telling me this before! *smiles* True enough. ; ) Or even if we shared the experiences, we might not agree on them. Like this:

Replica: By the way, KKM SUCKED.
9th-Oct-2006 02:19 pm (UTC)
You were such a sweet kid. :)

And thank you for the recommendations, I was just thinking about how I havent read any KH fanworks in a while.
12th-Oct-2006 02:16 pm (UTC)
*GRIIIN* Thank you so much! *smiles* Although it sounds as if young!me would have created a very different Abyss from the one we know now. Like this:

(when Asch and Luke first meet, when Asch is kidnapping Ion)
Asch: *comes over with an umbrella* "You're going to catch a cold. KUZU."
Luke: 0______________________0

*beams* You're most welcome! I'm still reading KH fanfic as and when I have the time, and if you want more they're bookmarked in my memories (aha) under the KH2 tag. Along with recipes for sea salt ice cream. *grin* I've been having a lot of fun with KH fanfic - I've even found Ansem/Riku I liked. *evil grin*
9th-Oct-2006 03:46 pm (UTC)
Hehe, having a replica would be quite handy indeed ^_^ Even better if no one else knew about it >.> XD

Hope everything gets better for you <(^_^)>
12th-Oct-2006 02:18 pm (UTC)
*grin* I suddenly imagined people wondering why I was consuming twice as much food, taking twice as long in the shower, wearing out my clothes twice as fast, and all that. *grin*

Thank you so much! *beams* Hope you got the game at last? ; ) And that you're having fun! *grin*
9th-Oct-2006 04:44 pm (UTC)
T_T I wrote a really long comment and then it gave me an invalid form submission error, and I lost everything *cry*

Summing it up in a few sentences - love to have duplicates, more opportunities, can become modern day Renaissance woman without having to work to death, would send original copy over to visit you. Agree with you on group projects, oftentimes end up being leader by default of actually caring about getting the work done (not to mention my grade), abhor the position, prefer to work closely with someone else who has the big picture and leadership skills.

Miss you lots~ Wish I could be there to play the PS2 with you. Left my system at home, alas, so no distractions for me...

*hates on submission form errors*
12th-Oct-2006 02:22 pm (UTC) - *beams and hugs you*

Oh, I hate it when LJ does that! That's why I obsessively Ctrl+A Ctrl+C. It happens to journal entries and comments alike. What I really hate is when I sometimes hit delete accidentally, and I lose the entire comment without copying it.

Thank you so much for typing it all up again! I know how irritating that can be, augh. *snugs*

!!! I agree! More duplicates = more opportunities! *griiin* I love that about being the modern Renaissance woman. ; ) Assuming all my replicas are separately talented. ; )

I would visit original you, replica or no! *griiin*

*grin* I'm the same, too. I prefer to implement rather than plan, really, but sounds like when the push comes to shove we'll run off and plan. *grin*

I wish you could be here with me, too! Or I with you! If I were in halls now, I'd not have a PS2 either, because in all the years I was in the UK I didn't have a TV to call my own. *grin* It's only now that I'm in a position to utilise the PS2 to its full extent!

*hates on form errors with you too!*

*but loves you*. *smiles*
9th-Oct-2006 05:28 pm (UTC)

I love the angst possibilities to the Axel/Sora relationship -- also, a fic with them would give me an excuse to write Riku/Roxas (which I am also, very, much in love with the idea of).

Can't help it, the angsty, emo, dark, and possibly evil boys always get to me first.
12th-Oct-2006 02:30 pm (UTC)
Me too! *beams* The thing is that, for Axel/Sora, Roxas would always, in some way, be in the way. Or he'd always be there, somewhere, an unspoken place neither of them ever talked about, but felt, anyway.

You like Riku/Roxas? *griiin* I didn't know that! *smiles* I'd lean more to the Axel/Riku side myself - perhaps because I don't know as much about Roxas as most people do, yet. ; ) I

Heh, I suspect we both still love Riku/Sora. *smiles* We can love them all at the same time!
10th-Oct-2006 02:18 am (UTC)
Having a replica would only make them emo because they wouldn't have a reason to live except being you, while they are quite their own persons. It's very posssible that neither of you could stand each other, especially if you don't like yourself. You won't be able to have them do your bidding. It's just like twins. They may look and think alike but they live their own way Hasn't Abyss taught you anything? :P
11th-Oct-2006 12:42 am (UTC)
I agree completely on replicas being able to be completely different! *smiles* That's why Abyss makes me make icons to Linkin Park songs! (Completely unconsciously, of course - it just so happens that More like me, less like you happens to belong to LP).

*grin* Abyss taught me lots! I've always said that the idea Abyss reinforced in me was You can't love anybody until you love yourself. I like thinking about the good things about having or being a replica, since Abyss seems to be mostly on the negative side. Being or having a replica never seemed to do anybody much good in that world - Asch never seems very happy, and neither does Sink, and look what it did to Luke to find out what he was.

I like series that really go to town on the replica concept - one of them is D.Gray Man, actually, and it does that pretty well. I'll post on it one day - I wouldn't have gotten into that series without Abyss, and DGM really does have fun with the whole replica-lookalike concept.

But being different from your replica could be so fun, too. Can you imagine? Mine would probably look at me, roll their eyes, and say Well, one of us has to be the smart one around here. It could be really, really fun, even if replica and original were two very different people.
10th-Oct-2006 04:09 pm (UTC)
Hee ficlinks! I am not going to bed earlier than 1am tonight and it is purely your fault (free day tomorrow) and not homework this time! D:

But I don't understand how anyone can bear to sit through Under The Sea and not feel ashamed for Sora. Only 15, and already flashing the whole world! >___< ...actually this may be a boyfriend thing, I realised upon replaying the game at your place (your screen is so bright and lovely!) that Riku's exposed navel is actually detailed into his character model. Yes, the one that Squeenix has run around, heal you, shield you, save you, and merge with you. okay it makes sense now

I probably would alternate between wanting to bitchslap my replica and giving it (D:) comforthugs. We'd probably not enslave each other and function as twins other than when either of our presences were required somewhere, and then it would get fun.
12th-Oct-2006 02:34 pm (UTC) - I was going to use my merman!Sora icon... but thought I'd better be nice. XD
Hee, maybe it was because I spent a lot of time being ashamed of Sora on the cover of book 3 of the manga (it was partly why I took so long to want to acquire it, and of course, the minute I wanted to acquire it, POOF, it was all gone!), so I'm inured to him now. And maybe it's the effect of Under the Sea sung in Japanese/English. It's so HAPPY. So the spillover happy must have turned into Soralove!

Hee, you're welcome to play on my screen anytime you like! OH WAHOOOOA about Riku's navel, I didn't even pay that much attention! *grin* Boyfriend love attack for the WIN. ... gods I love that part about merging with Sora. If someone had told me that earlier, I'd have gotten into this game a lot earlier than now. I just thought there was nothing but Axel/Roxas in it for me. *laughing*

I somehow have the feeling that my replica would be the one bitchslapping me. *wry smile* But it would be interesting to see how it would be like. I never had a sister, after all. ; )

OH WHAT IF MY REPLICA WAS A BOY... that would be fun.
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