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welcome to the city: show me what you got

You know you've probably been a little too into your work when you suggest to your groupmates that someone should dress up as a trash can so as to bring home the point that spam is bad. But it's so much fun when three of you gang up to horrify your other groupmates by talking up the idea. *laughing* Well, Mr. N certainly did not disappoint us with his reaction. *grin* That's why I love my IT Law class, man, when we're waiting for lessons to start, I'll be taking the opportunity to check Livejournal and find that both the people on either side of me are doing the same thing. And there in that class are people who have heard of Tales of the Abyss without me having to say anything about it. It's your state of mind that makes all the difference, and even an innocent remark about going down the stairs (our elevators can be awfully slow, and also awfully small. But it does not beat the main library, which has five floors, and an elevator that only serves floor 1 and 4.)

All of us: *wait for the lift, give up, then walk to the stairs*
Pause as all of us wait and look down at the flights of stairs leading from the third floor to the ground.
WH: Shall we descend into the abyss?

Three-hour lecture followed by group meeting for presentation today, and clearly I was too excited about us handing in our outline to the teacher today and discussing the presentation, because I clean forgot that my driving lesson was at 4.40pm instead of 2.40pm. I turn up and go, "DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR?" and then I soon find out that I'm way too early. After a misguided attempt to study the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights in the driving centre itself, I went off to the library, where I might have spent more time hunting for a space at a table and then for a chair than I did studying. And then later I discovered I studied better in the racuous driving centre canteen (complete with vast hordes of instructors and students, the scent of food cooking, and the incessant drone of a television that broadcast first in English and then in Chinese). BUT IT WAS ALL GOOD.

The D.Gray Man anime is finally out. When I first started following the manga I had no idea that it would ever become an anime, so I was as thrilled as anything when it finally did! *beams* dunkindonut, if I'm catching you tomorrow I am COMPLETELY showing you this series, and Eve Yi, if the gods of Bittorrent will it I will have Episode 2 by tonight! I've read manga series before they've turned into anime, sure, but I've never yet before looked forward to a manga and an anime with this much joy. (Well, KKM doesn't count, it's in a class of its' own)

The funny thing is, I wouldn't have picked up DGM without Abyss, because one of the first things that struck me about the series was how much Kanda resembled Asch, but an Asch that made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Kanda takes himself so seriously it completely cracks me up, and, well, check out the cast! The only way they could make me happier is by casting Saiga Mitsuki as Fou. And I loved DGM because it took the replica concept and went to town with it. Here, let me show you!

(warning: spoilers for the d-gray man anime up til book 8)
uh... I kind of changed one or two sentences. but it is substantially the same material!

You know, all I have to do is clean up the blood and I have a sweet fluffy replica moment. Oh, the wonders of Photoshop.

Why are you protecting your replica?!

Oh, man, I shipped Allen/Rou Fa like MAD until this moment, and then I realised it really was Fou, and then I was EVEN HAPPIER because Allen/Fou makes me EVEN HAPPIER. Like Eve Yi says, I really am mellowing out in my old age.

Oh, man. And Episode 2 is out, which means I get to see Kanda in action at last! It's been a really long wait! *grin* Now I don't have the subtitled episode yet, so... all the subtitled screencaps you see below this? ... well, it's just the way I watch DGM. Man, I haven't done a screencap post since KKM!

... and well, on principle, I'm not going to resize the Kanda pictures.
More to admire.

SEE?! SEE?! O ye of little faith (you know who you are, yes, YOU ♥), I knew he was going to be PRETTY.

You know, when Kanda first met Allen? It's just like a play-by-play replay of how Asch and Luke first met when they were seventeen.

Yeah, that's my face when I read legislation, too.


Master's just gonna whack you over the head with an almighty huge hammer, dear boy. Don't worry, you'll wake up... eventually.

This is your conscience speaking:

Also, the latest DGM chapter 94? Utter Kanda love. I'm being spoilt rotten with so much good Kanda artwork. Also, curses! The latest chapter has just made me hungry for tempura soba, and I don't even like soba very much.

... excuse me, Kyou Kara Maou!, are you trying to kill me?! *DIES OF HAPPY* Page down on THIS, Murata-Yuuri-Wolfram ONSEN SCENE that can be selectively iconified to be Murata/Yuuri, Yuuri/Wolfram, or Murata/Yuuri/Wolfram. SOMEBODY'S HAPPY TONIGHT!

Okay okay, I really really probably won't have time to make a proper Abyss post on this, but this has English Abyss videos, and altitudeissues put a really good one up, and I get to hear Dist's voice AT LAST, and also, GUY, I would applaud you if only I had both hands free! Jade and Dist being creepy. When I heard Dist's voice, it was like a bolt of Dear heavens! His voice is sexy! *grin* And also, Luke, Guy, Natalia, Tear, Anise and Jade take turns asking for Peony's sword. OH THIS IS LOVE I TELL YOU. XD

I wrote rubbish Tales of the Abyss fanfiction here and here. It's the most Asch/Luke I've ever written and it's pretty much G-rated at that. I wrote better before I knew more about the series because I actually dared to do more when I wasn't so worried about messing up. For my own reference so I don't have to hunt it down later. and also because I'm disturbingly embarrassed about my own writing because I've seen really good writers.

also even when niisan writes two-line abyss fic it is love.
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