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Asch echoes the sentiments of everyone who's ever played Abyss with me.

You know, they should make games with a whole new level for people like me. Hard and Normal mode are for people like everyone else, and just for me ♥, there should be this mode, called ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT. And ideally, another mode called I'M JUST HERE FOR THE CUT SCENES. And in that mode, there won't be maps. Just arrows pointing everywhere. GO HERE, they would say, DO THIS, and TAKE THAT, and GO DO YOUR ESSAY. FINALLY got out of Cheegle Woods (... I did say there should be a new level for people like me), or at least, the Idiot's Guide to Game FAQs.

On the flipside, it turns out that turning Abyss into a language I'm actually familiar with more than doubles my game stamina. When Abyss was in Japanese only, the maximum I could play that game was two hours - and that includes running to the PC to check out the translation, banging my head against GAMEFAQs, etc. First English playthrough for me ends at four and a half hours of alternately wanting to spank Luke, and then wanting to hug him and tousle his hair. Does no one else get giddy when they look at Mieu for long periods of time? English version exceeds expectations all the way, man, and this despite me having the occasional gripe about how the new word for buusagi - rappig - makes me think unneccessarily of the Sexual Offences Act, and about how kuzu apparently got translated to dreck - that makes Asch an all-American boy, then.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's played Abyss over the telephone to people. Or I hope I'm not. And there's no way I'm the only person who talks to either themselves or the characters when playing. Like this. "Oh, not the accursed Cheegle Woods again... OH, OW, OW - hey, that was good!, SAVE ME! QUICK!; oh, Luke, you're such an idiot, Oh curse it, I'm lost..." Then again you must understand that my game-playing is at the level where I wander around Cheegle Woods thrice before finding the raiga lair.

So, as you can tell, somebody finally got their hands on the game today. Couldn't wait for classes at university to end - by the end of the last lecture I was spinning around on the swivel chair until I'd made myself quite dizzy, and it seemed as if the bus could never bring me there fast enough. And of course when I got hold of the game, I ran off to share the love with as many people as possible, which means about three people on the flist got me full-force, and I called harajukufuuri and - this, my friends, is the benefit of having the closest Abyss-KH2-KKM fan living ten minutes away from you - she came over to my place and we broke the game in. ♥ Which is absolutely excellent, because if you can't already tell, I usually do best when playing this game with people who actually have brains. I've never played a localised game before, and so I don't see what other people notice. Halfway into the game, when I was trying to do something with the character stats, harajukufuuri noticed that I was using the console as if I was playing the Japanese game. And there I was wondering why the buttons didn't do what they normally did.

cheegles behind cut!

this is me hard at work. HAHAHAHA.

the day this ps2 got broken in. explained here.

Actually I don't think I could've made it so far on the first playthrough without harajukufuuri. Man, there were so many things I didn't know about the game. And it really is amazing how much easier it becomes when it's in English. Absolutely no contest when it comes to playability. Although I'm not sure how much of it comes with familiarity - you just do not want to see how many tries I took to burn down that damned tree in Cheegle Forest the first time round, whereas the second I can do it on the first go. (I said I was slow. I wasn't joking) And Engave was a breeze, this time, because I knew what they were talking about. Translations only go so far, really.

OI little_ribbon, did you know you could have Tear run around onscreen as soon as Cheegle Forest? I know neither of us thought to try it the first time I played this game, but now I'm not staggered by incomprehension, I'll try a lot of new things. XD You could even have Jade! See:

Innuendo-factor right where it is, as for the Japanese version!

Sometimes, Guy wished Luke would stay innocent forever.

But that was hard. Luke was growing up so fast, and learning so much in such a short time.

One day he'd learn to tell when Guy was lying to him, and then where would they all be?

But for now Guy was happy to just watch as Luke grew up, and maybe teach him a little while he was at it, too.

Man, in one of the skits Luke complains that without Van, all he'd do would be hang around with Guy all day. ... Y'know, Luke, why are you complaining about that?

Hey, Lin! This is just like the field we took that photograph in!

And in this photograph Luke speaks for everyone who's never touched a PS2 before this game. No, really. I reacted just like this. Oh, wait. I was even worse when the PS2 console vibrated for the first time. "IT CAN DO THAT?!" I yelled.

Luke empathy up 100%.

I would totally go for Ion and Luke.

Sometimes, Tear thought, if she just pretended he wasn't there, he would go away.

But then he probably wasn't smart enough to do that.

It was really irritating when everyone mistook them for being a couple when they weren't.

That lady at Engave, the Fon Master Guardian, even Commander Jade himself...
What were they seeing that Tear simply wasn't getting?
Luke was immensely rich, and had an ego commensurate with the size of his inheritance.
Not to mention the stupidity, which outstripped them both.

Mieu is a sadomasochistic cheegle. That is really all I have to say on that point.

What kind of creature would stay with someone who abused them so much?! I swear, if I were Mieu, Luke would get bitten every single time he dared to kick me. Don't bite the hand that feeds you! Bite the foot that kicks you!

Now this is a woman after my own heart:

And I don't normally go for redheads. I've just always thought it was an especially AA (attract-attention, local slang for attention-getting, and in a bad way) hair colour, and usually if your protagonists are red-haired, it takes me a lot to like them. I don't go for green eyes, either: (Wolfram being notable exception #1).

But I think I'll make an exception for you:

After all, sometimes, rules, like brains, were meant to be broken.

chibimazoku is writing Abyss fanfiction faster than I can link it. And I am having so much fun reading it. Here.
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