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This month's issue of Degenki Maou, which serialises the Tales of the Abyss manga, is utter love. Not only do they introduce Natalia this issue, but it also has the Asch-Luke fighting-in-the-rain scene, and an Asch I could seriously love. Now that really is something, because if you know me, you also know that saying I'm not usually an Asch fan is an understatement the size of Markt and Kimlasca combined, but this issue was absolutely brilliant. CURSE YOU Asch, WHY weren't you like this in the game? I would have been an Asch fan if manga canon was like game canon!

Oh, Natalia. If I was a Kimlascan boy, I'd ask you to be my girlfriend.

Look at that, young lady, you've rendered both Luke and Tear speechless and sent Guy running to hide behind Luke! You're one in a million, I tell you. ♥

That face in sore dake desu ne is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.


When I saw THAT FINAL PANEL, I was, YOU IDIOT, ASCH! That is the you I have been waiting to see all along! That is the you I would have loved! WHY did you have to make me wait so long to see this side of you?!

I have to warn you before we go on, I am actually...

a very big Luke/Natalia fan.


And the biggest payoff in the entire issue:


Forgive me for this, Asch, but I can see right up your skirt.

Have I ever told you how much I am a sucker for the ON YOUR KNEES, LUKE! kind of thing?

Asch, did I read you right? Did you say obocchan? DID YOU? Because, that is the you I would have loved. You can be mean to Luke! You can be angry! You can be emo and anything you like! But you have to do it in style! Like this! And THEN I will love you!

This came free with Degenki Maou. xD I haven't watched it yet, though, so I'm not sure what's in it, but if I'm not wrong it's the Tales of Everybody video which you can find quite easily on youtube.

Back of DVD:

tortau helpfully translated this list here: Apparently this DVD contains:

- trailers from the recent and upcoming releases (I can read Tales of Destiny and Symphonia up there)
- a digest version of the Abyss drama CDs
- gaiden comic from July's issue of the magazine.

Latest Abyss novel is part one of the extra stories: Guy and Jade get their turn in this one. souya already did a brilliant job on translating really good scenes and posting the pictures, so I won't duplicate her efforts, but here's a really good Jade artwork on the novel I didn't see:

Chibi Dist, officially. *grin*

I didn't read the Frings and Cecil parts because I am all about the Dist and Jade and Peony, but it had this utterly lovely scene where Chibi Dist and Chibi Nefly are waking Chibi Jade up, and it was adorable. Nefly calling Jade Oniisan is damned cute. And it's heartbreaking to see how happy Dist is to see Jade (all the better for Jade to crush his heart later, of course). Dist's face literally lights up when he sees Jade. It made me want to hug him tight and keep him safe.

And unless I read the novel really badly, Nebilim's house was between Jade and Dist's. And she was such a lovely person - a truly good teacher, for whom education didn't stop at minds alone. The scene where Jade makes Dist cry and she patches things up is truly lovely. I can't help reading it as a KISS AND MAKE UP!! scene. *grin* And she makes Jade smile, for real.

Apologies for this one, souya, but I'd scanned this one before I read your post, and just thought I'd like to put it up:

Also, narugami linked this gorgeous set of Abyss figurines.

Incidentally, this Abyss website is really good - so much endearing comic art! Well, and this one has good comics, too. This had a really sweet Halloween Guy and Luke comic, when Luke was a kid.
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