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trust me
18th-Nov-2006 04:59 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Warning: Spoilers in comments


Aczelius is such a trip?

The more I play this game, the more I see why Natalia is perfect for Asch. In a Scott Summers and Jean Grey kind of way. D<

Whenever I get back to a town I'm always incredibly nice to Natalia, and usually the first thought on my mind when I get more gald is I can buy something nice for Natalia!

Oh, Asch, Asch, Asch. I'm slowly starting to warm to you, but sometimes I still want to strangle you with my bare hands. And write you fanfiction in which you are, you know, actually happy. That's actually top on the list of Abyss Fanfiction I Secretly Want: Asch happy.

I had such a long day today but it is all good. Two nights ago I had a nightmare that I was doing my Japanese homework and I forgot how to write the character あ. Freaked out so badly about the Japanese exam today, but at least it is over.

Will clear Aczelius today, it is too painful to stay in that place for long. The longer I spend in there the more I see why this game makes people cry. I think that's one of the strange things about coming into this game already knowing everything that will happen - so much that wouldn't seem relevant if I'd been new to the story becomes so much more wrenching because I know what it really means.

Oh, Luke, even when you're being an utter ass my heart still breaks for you.
18th-Nov-2006 06:18 pm (UTC)
Yes, I still really sympathized with Luke even when he was a jerk. TT
Damn... I really wish that Tales of the Abyss could have been an anime. That would have been so awesome O_O omg, Hotness Luke ALL THE TIME!!! *squeals* too bad it doesn't exist >_>;
Unless maybe they'll be awesome and make an OVA like they're doing for Tales of Symphonia.... hmm
19th-Nov-2006 03:57 am (UTC)
Me too! There's something in Luke that speaks to us even when he's being an utter idiot.

SAME HERE. XD Maybe a year later Abyss will become an anime! Because that would be so great. Only I wish that an Abyss anime would have crack/insane moments in it. Because I need to see Asch facefaulting. And then I would die laughing.

And there would be a billion new images and expressions and everything and that would be SO GREAT. XD
18th-Nov-2006 06:36 pm (UTC)
If it depresses you now, just wait until you see Luke pull off his little stunt =P

I've never felt more sorry for a videogame character after I passed that place ;_;
19th-Nov-2006 03:59 am (UTC)
I know - which oddly makes it even worse, somehow, because I'm if I feel this bad now, I know I'm gonna be so much worse later. And already I think half the impact is gone because I know what's going to happen. Or not, actually, it can work both ways - because everything now has more meaning for me.

Eheh, Abyss is actually the first video game with characters with characterisation I've ever played, so I've no basis for comparison at all. But one has always got to start someplace ; )
18th-Nov-2006 08:08 pm (UTC) - ... embarrassing Pokémon song lyrics for you. :)
Iep! You had your Japanese exam today? *huggles*

^^; You freaking out over it reminds me so much of me. *hugs thighter* It's alright though! I'm sure you'll get amazing grades! :) I hope everything went all right and that you didn't stress too much. *hugs* I was so nervous for the oral part, I could not form a coherent sentence at all... and still got pretty decent grades. ;) *squishes* You'll do fine~! You're the university student, I'm the drop out, remember? :D

As long as you just remember that I believe
anything that I can do
I know that you can too
Don't you let anyone ever keep you from your dreams
18th-Nov-2006 08:29 pm (UTC) - embarrassing song lyrics AND songs for you!

run to me
bee gees

If ever you got rain in your heart,
someone has hurt you, and torn you apart,
am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me?

And let it be like they said it would be -
me loving you girl, and you loving me.
Am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me?

Run to me whenever you're lonely
Run to me if you need a shoulder
Now and then, you need someone older,
so darling, you run to me.

And when you're out in the cold,
no one beside you, and no one to hold,
am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me?

And when you've got nothing to lose,
nothing to pay for, nothing to choose,
am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me

Run to me whenever you're lonely.
Run to me if you need a shoulder
Now and then you need someone older,
so darling, you run to me.

but until then: for you:

Hitomi Takahashi - Aozora no Namida
Life is Like A Boat - Rie Fu
(although you being a Bleach fan, you probably have this already)
Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind
[I actually really, really, love this song. OH THE SHAME]


When I first heard this song a shiver ran down my spine because it's Koyasu TALKING.

*snugs tight* Sweetie, I would have failed myself for the oral component. I think Sensei was kind.
18th-Nov-2006 09:03 pm (UTC)
YAY ASCH! no idea why you're warming to him but I like him based on looks alone, so he could be as much of a jackass as possible and i'd still think he's totally cool :P

But omg, my favourite redhead now is Reno :P
19th-Nov-2006 03:47 am (UTC) - HOMG THE EMO ASCH ICON. XDDD I seriously do not know why you like it. XD
I like him based on looks alone, so he could be as much of a jackass as possible
OH SIEW YOU'RE SO MUCH LIKE ME. XD There is a particular type of character I like based on looks alone, and that one, in that case, the more of a bastard they are, the MORE I LIKE THEM.

HEHEHEH. I think I'm warming to him because he's portrayed slightly differently in the manga canon, and I like his English voice actor a lot more. Strange how just one voice actor can change so much, but I find him a lot more bearable in the English version.

XD IT'S OKAY! Reno is all good too! There should be an Asch-Luke-Reno crossfandom threesome, because that would be hot.
18th-Nov-2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
I really like Asch because he has his reasons for being the way he is. I really feel bad for him and his story really makes me sad. Actually, I cried so much in the game it's not even funny. XD;; It would be nice to have Asch happy in a fanfiction! I really like NataliaxAsch. Asch really cared about her a lot. ;O;

And I liked Luke when he was an utter ass. Haha XD of cours he's x100000 better later but yeah.
19th-Nov-2006 03:51 am (UTC)
I can completely see why he turned out the way he did, but I don't think that excuses him from being the way he is. I feel bad for him too, and I still can't watch the ending video without having to look away. It really gives me pain, which is strange for a character I don't even really like to begin with. Ueh, I really can see why this game made you feel so much - it's doing the same for me, and I find it so unsettling. I am Where are all these FEELINGS coming from!? I don't want them!

The curious thing is that I'm not an Asch/Natalia person at all, but I can see it, and I can see why it would be perfect, too. And I'm all for it if it would make him happy. Asch needs to be happy more than anyone else, I think.

XDDDDD I feel so bad for him later, though. It's like Luke lost so much of himself. But perhaps I'm not being very fair, because every time he acts up or is silly I'll be Well, he's only seven years old. Doesn't help that I have a massive soft spot for Luke and I'll forgive him almost anything. Poor Asch, he really gets the short end of the stick when compared to Luke, in my heart.
(Deleted comment)
19th-Nov-2006 03:56 am (UTC)
Asch dies! In a suitably noble and heroic self-sacrificing HERE I'LL HOLD THE FORT WHILE YOU GO ON TO SAVE THE WORLD manner.

*snugs tight* Thank you so much! *beams* Your faith gives me faith!

a chibi cut-out Abyss character teaching you Japanese!!!
THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE?! My brother did actually suggest revising Japanese with me by going to separate scenes in the Japanese version of Abyss and telling me to to identify which scenes they were from based on the Japanese version. XDDD HE KNOWS ME SO WELL.

OH MY HEAVENS, I am really not ordinarily an Asch person at all but KANJI LESSONS with CHIBI ASCH WOULD BE SO CUTE and I would try to use him as an eraser for all my kanji mistakes and that would be so adorable.


The voice actor for Asch also voiced a character named Chris in another anime, and Chris is just basically very pretty eye candy and I think has no character development whatsoever. XD
20th-Nov-2006 07:46 am (UTC)
I have no clue on how I found you, but I think it may be maiki...

BUT. ToA is like a big emo-bomb stalking us, I SWEAR. DDDDD= It's not funny when when people diiiiiiiiiiie.

Natalia for me is like, the lowest level in my entire party. XD; She's like 4 levels behind everyone.

22nd-Nov-2006 04:29 am (UTC)
Heh, it could well be - quite a few people find me that way.

YES. It is. That EVIL game. It's even worse when people die when I've already gotten attached to them. And also it is not funny when people live but they are utterly miserable.

! Natalia's one of my main four, so she levels with the party. Either Tear or Anise would be the lowest levelled on mine, but they all seem to level up at about the same rate, despite my not playing with my reserve two very much.
21st-Nov-2006 03:58 am (UTC)
I love Luke ♥ how could anyone not? But I foresee problems with the bratty attitude on the second gameplay. *ROARS* I don't really like how he sounds compared to Suzuki Chihiro's Luke, who is Special or maybe just more cute (less bratty? more wide-eyed?), I dunno. But Luke and Asch sound much more similar in english, which (though I don't like how Asch sounds either. >:( ) strangely warms the cockles of my fangirl hart. XD Probably because they sound so much more like the same person even if they aren't...

My brother doesn't want to give up beating Asch so we can move on ;____; And then he says he wants to play it six times to max out each character, so I don't see what the fuss is!

I didn't know that Asch actually has 3 costumes until I saw this Youtube video; two in the uniform - one with his hair down! - and Abyss Silver. I squealed so hard after we got out of the Abandoned Factory and there Asch was with his hair down in the rain. I found it really cute, how his hair overwhelms his face when it comes down, unlike Luke's. (Fangirl thought: it probably looks like that every morning? And now I am plagued by AU thoughts of Asch having breakfasts in bed with Luke.) Even if I wasn't predisposed to Asch even before I started playing the game, that would probably still have dragged me to Team Asch from my wavering between Teams Guy, Jade, and maybe Luke.

I am totally beating this game and getting the costume ASAP. EXAMS BE DAMNED! now to wait till my brother gets back so I can take the console out of his hands to be pwned by Asch and move on
22nd-Nov-2006 04:25 am (UTC) - WAHAHAHAHA THANK YOU SO MUCH
OH MY GOD GUY IS SO HOT IN ALL HIS COSTUMES. I cannot wait to get that butler outfit. And he looks so good with his hair down.

I think I must be the only person in the world who does not like the Abyssman costumes.

ASCH WITH HIS HAIR DOWN IS A GOOD AND WONDERFUL THING. When I first saw that a while back I was THE SILLY IDIOT why does he not have his hair down THROUGH THE WHOLE GAME? I WOULD LOVE HIM IF HE DID. ... yes, it's true, him having his hair up gives his face this ineffable bitchslappable quality.

YOUR BROTHER RULES. XDDD And not bad, you guys beat Asch YAY. That's pretty incredible - I don't think I could have done it, actually, and the game doesn't require you to, and as far as I'm aware most people don't actually defeat him then.

XD Second playthrough? I think it's going to take up a lot of my energy to play through this game once, I don't think I have it in me to do it again, as much as I love it. XD IYA IYA. I love both Lukes. *grin* I thought Suzuki's Luke was MORE bratty, actually, but more innocent, too. XD

HAHAHA Asch's English voice actor also voiced Yuuri/The Maou for KKM. It probably was one of the main reasons he got this role. XD YEAH. Because in the English game ASCH sounds bratty. *laughing* It was one of the reasons I started warming to him.

HOMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE COSTUMES LINK. XD And and and HAHAHA after the Abandoned Factory! That cutscene! I wasn't expecting the cutscene and so I YELLED when I saw it and my Dad was =___=.

.... I am Teams Guy Jade and Luke and Natalia and Mieu for life and will probably not budge. XD You can make up for all my lack of Asch-loving. XD
21st-Nov-2006 08:12 am (UTC)
ahahaha. :O !! (omg scott summers and jean grey ... o__O yes, they are perfect for each other, in the sort of 'I hope they both die together in a car fire' sort of way, imo).

exam over? :3 *hug*

posting with ficjournal, too lazy to relog.
22nd-Nov-2006 04:15 am (UTC) - .... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS
yes, they are perfect for each other, in the sort of 'I hope they both die together in a car fire'
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. *beams* You TOTALLY GOT what I really meant. *beams and hugs you so tightly* I AGREE COMPLETELY. *griiin*

Japanese exam over! *snug* But law exams coming up soon! *griiin*

HEHEHEHEH. You make me want to get a ficjournal too. XD
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