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trust me
Ten Fandoms 
28th-Nov-2006 05:53 am
Ten fandoms, no repeats - arrch's version is evil beyond all evil, but I am much more kind.

1. Being a cranky redhead whose murderous expression scares all subordinates away isn't an excuse to dress him up in a nekomimi maid outfit, call him kuzu, and make his blond servant think that it's his secret hobby. [Ouran High School Host Club, lacewood]

2. Not only is the hero of the story a replica, but so are all his friends, and they're all living insurance policies for their originals. [The Island, lacewood]

3. Clueless and frequently stupid hero is engaged to a green-eyed blond royal who constantly reminds him of their engagement, suffers a shocking betrayal by a beloved mentor figure, is occasionally surrounded by flocks of extremely cute and implausible creatures who keep repeating the same nonsensical word, discovers his apparently cheerful and easygoing best friend is so so so much more than he seems, has strange dealings with the blond king of neighbouring country, and has a mysterious other self who keeps taking over his body to perform stunning feats of total awesome and making him lose all recollection of what ensues. [KKM, llamrei ♥]

4. I'm you, and I HATE MYSELF. [Tales of the Abyss, elvaron and kasumi_blue]

5. Scruffy Brit in the original, expressionless American in the adaptation. [Constantine, mushrooms]

6. His other half's a green-eyed redhead, his best friend wants revenge on him for his father's death, and on top of all that, he has to keep saving the world. [Spider-man, mushrooms! ♥]

7. Life goes down the toilet after your best friend gets bitten by a spider and subsequently wants to eradicate you and all your kind. [Darren Shan, dorkodile]

8. You'd never mistake him for a perfect copy of the original, but said original wants to take over his body anyway, and cross swords with his favourite blond in a spectacularly slashy manner while at it. [Final Fantasy: Advent Children, elvaron ♥]

9. Allowing someone to be your replica is always a terrible idea, because when you do, you give them absolute control over you. [The Prestige, lacewood]

10. A dragon and a tiger inherit a kungfu school! [Dragon Tiger Gate, mushrooms]

Bonus: (A lot of love if anyone manages to guess this one, and my condolences for having actually read this dreck) 11. Hero goes on a quest for a sword belonging to a spirit who talks to him as long as he's in possession of its jewel, while a minor antagonist who's constantly covered in blood keeps kidnapping and trying to kidnap a person dear to him and wishes he had a twin with whom to share his dirty work.
28th-Nov-2006 10:11 am (UTC)
BIGGEST COPOUT OF ALL TIME. In fact, I thought that the Christian Bale character LITERALLY having a double was a copout too. Because I actually believed it would be REAL MAGIC. But NO, he's a SHAM TOO. The cloning trick is like they suddenly go HEY I know all of you were trying to figure out how this works! BUT HAHAHAHA! LOOK! THERE'S REALLY TWO OF THEM!

It's funny, though, because the Hugh Jackman character seemed to be the guy who was into false magic, but in the end he was the one who found real magic, after all. I really wanted Hugh Jackman's character to be able to prevail too, but the killing all the clones thing... urk. Although he did survive, though - right at the end when yet another one of him is hiding in the water tank and smirking as Christian Bale leaves.

HOJO AND HIS CLONES - WHY YES. Even the water tank bit - the laboratory UP IN FLAMES. And Tesla running off somewhere so maybe it happened all over again... THE PRESTIGE 2. XDD

The innocence is but another part of the trick! ; )
29th-Nov-2006 05:38 pm (UTC)
I know! I was expecting him to have some sort of neat trick to make up for Jackman's character's rather bad fictionalization of...I don't know WTF. And what was that about a random TWIN BROTHER popping out of NOWHERE? I mean, WTF. That was deus ex machina to the nth degree, I don't even know where to begin. Especially since they were disproving its possibility by the fact that he fucked up his finger. But lo and behold, he just happens to have a twin brother so dedicated to him, that he'd chop off part of his fingers as well.

Well, you know what they say - a clone's a clone's a clone. Maybe that's why Sephiroth wanted to chop up Cloud? YOU RUINED MY MAGIC TRICK FOR SHACHOU. And then there were three; Jenova's Witnesses.

AHAHAHA They should totally cross it over with FF7.
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