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trust me
long entry, because law exams make my brains leak out of my ears. 
1st-Dec-2006 01:43 am
Yesterday elvaron finished her exams and I finished the )#)#@$)#@ property law exam that's been freaking me out for forever, so we went out for ice cream! Chocolate fudge and cherries so very good. And then we were HAY WANNA PLAY ABYSS and so she came over and we cleared Aczelius to Wyon Mirror Cave. OH EL I found the damned cave at last (right next to the accursed whirlpool), but we weren't the only ones with the problem.

Also cynic_in_charge and bravecows I have acquired you DTG posters!! :))) ZEN YOU'LL LOVE YOURS, I did! Eve y'want the Turbo one, right? xD The Dragon one is like S's description of loving son!asch: HAIR PWNS FACE. thank y'guys so much for making me laugh through my property-law freaking-out-panic session. ♥

:D kanekoichi very kindly showed me to the Midpoint Plaza gaming shop, and to Funan! Thank you so much for your patience! *grin* Discovered a lot of new and fascinating places - also the Sun & Moon branch at CHIJMES is gorgeous! I was looking for Christmas presents, little_ribbon is the only person I can buy presents for without thinking. With great surprise I ran into a classmate from the same law course there - the world, it is TINY, but also wonderful, he was very helpful! It's always fascinating to be a girl and walk into a gaming shop, the reaction you get when you start talking about the games is utterly intriguing. Sometimes I wish I played too, but Abyss eats up the space in my life that doesn't belong to law and people and everything else already. The Pucca biscuit brand has fish in a glass tank outside the PS bus-stop, poor fish.

And and elvaron finished her exams! So we went to Haagen Dasz and I realised I hadn't been there in ages and forever. XD SO GOOD. And also she pointed out the Jade tea to me. xD And then we came home and Abyss'd like tomorrow wasn't gonna come! And it was really fun talking about law over dinner with my parents with El. Oh man, it reminds me of that time El and my parents and I had dinner in Taka and I kept talking about paopu fruit. :D


It pains me to say this, but Asch can actually be really cute.

And everybody... kind of does love him! Only he's so prickly and RAWR and no, really, Asch, just shut up and let everybody love you. DOLT. My favourite Asch .gif is actually the one on the all-Asch site that has EVERYBODY BUT EVERYBODY jumping on Asch and GIVE THE MAN SOME LOVE! And Asch is bottom of the love-the-uke pile and struggling like he don't like it. AH IT IS here.

The Asch and Luke in my mind remind me of the Happy Feet trailer:

Luke: Lorelai told me to do it! ♥
Luke: No, you like it ♥

the hell, I'm comparing Asch and Luke to penguins.

And he's also useful in a fight! And interesting to play as, although El came and saved me and played as him while I to my horror had to play as Jade ( I prefer melee-fighters, and I was so so so conscious that Jade was totally wasted on me, because I couldn't exploit him to the fullest) But it was SO FUN. Usually when I play with someone else I sometimes forget who I'm playing and then go, "Uh, why ... oh, that's me. Oh. Right." Probably if I was playing alone I'd have thrown my controller through the screen several times over, but because El was playing Asch I was laughing and choking at all the really, really wrong lines and spillover love works the best, really. *grin*

We had a HELL of a time finding the Wyon Mirror Cave (I just can't kick the habit of using the terms they had in the Japanese game, I'm too used to them already) because law exams make the brains leak out of my ears and I did not realise that the entrance I was looking for was RIGHT. NEXT TO ME. and and I was "... what? I have no Luke, I have no Guy, I have no Tear, I have no Mieu, ASCH IS IN MY PARTY, I AM NOT HAVING A PARTY."

But of course Asch is a party all his own, except NOT, and arrch called at this moment so I lost my train of thought.

okay at this juncture it is important to say that when harajukufuuri, elvaron and I are together, we represent the entire spectrum of Asch-sentiment, from Asch fan, to Asch-neutral (... but El likes Asch, too) - and, well... there is me. Simply put EVERYBODY loves Asch when put next to me.

But not bad at all, he is only 80% as obnoxious as I imagined he would be.

harajukufuuri's perspective on the above [Bad username: http://harajukufuuri.livejournal.com/12018.html#cutid1]here</a>. (Oh, good to see I'm not the only one who went nuts trying to find the cave.) Uh, major spoilers in comments. Is fascinating to read her perspective because I will be "... are we playing the same game?" She's very Asch-friendly! And the love-Asch!vibes are contagious probably because we live so close together and also because that guy (... sorry Asch you are still 貴様 forever ) can kinda grow on me.

... I don't have to do Mushroom Road? ♥ YIPPEE ~

worldmap here is a lifesaver but only to a certain extent.

Bought guidebook yesterday and am now kicking self violently because I am in Yuria City past Aczelius and I stupidly didn't activate the Sword of Gardios and Viscount costume quests. Sword of Gardios is the subevent that'll get me the second great Luke/Guy scene of all time after Aramis Well (except that Luke being so sweet kind of cheated Guy out of an opportunity to propose to him) and Viscount is only just my favourite Luke costume ever.


-Been able to catch Tarlow X! Damn maps take forever to clear.
- Been able to beat Asch first time around! someone else did! (... you were Level 30 when you fought Asch first time round?! oh man was I a million levels behind you. okay fine, just three, but it felt like a million.)

Damn when I'm home in Vaticul I should just BOTHER everybody BUT everybody. That was A MILLION CITIES AND BOSSES BEHIND and I really really don't have the time or energy or the inclination, really, to re-clear those areas all over again. I'm thinking about whether it makes more sense for me to play from my saved games and trigger those quests (... but wtf so damned many hours of area clearing and I'll have to find Deo Pass and beat Regret and clear the factory and urgh, it just makes me tired thinking about it), or just keep on going through the game and do everything on second playthrough, and pretty much from the start I've not been disposed towards a second playthrough because the time!

What I find funny is that I intentionally triggered all the other sidequests I don't care about much, like the Yulia City rice request and the Ant Lion man stealing my scimitar HOMG, but ARGHHHH.

Also I should not read the guidebook on recipes before going to bed, it makes me so damned hungry.

Suffocating in the Asch/Natalia. I GET IT ALREADY stop sledgehammering me with it okay.


There is really no point at all in me finding the weapons the game leaves me, because whatever they give me, I've already bought for the characters. It's happened for Anise and Jade and Guy and Natalia and... ROLLS. The equipment should go one step up on what you've got. Whenever I find really neat weapons for anyone that the game leaves you I've already BOUGHT the same weapon in the last town or TWO TOWNS BACK, EVEN. Found the Jade deckbrush and didn't equip it because I already had better. Okay, it improved two of his stats, but I didn't like what it did to two others, so Jade's gonna have to wait a bit to literally wipe the floor with his enemies.

Oh there was this amazing Asch and Luke exchange that made me roll off my chair laughing:

Asch: If you're going to keep bothering me like this, then you'll have to face the consequences.
Luke: You can't do anything to me from where you are!
Asch: Not to you. But to -
Luke: No! Stop! Anything but that!

... what *were* the two of you up to, boys. Heh.

For some odd reason I vastly prefer English!Asch to the Japanese version, however much I love Suzuki Chihiro. I think El hit the nail on the head when we were talking about this today and I was saying that Asch sounded so *rude* in the Japanese version that it really quite put me off him, and she said that in Japanese, you can be really, really rude,
and it is so true. In the Japanese version Asch has an older voice, and I expected him to be at least a little *less* hotheaded. In the English version he sounds like the age he is, and I take to him far better because I give him license to be the way he is, because he's young.

Oh, by the way. >D You can talk to me on LJ talk using the name suzukichihiro@lj.com. ; ) I'll leave you to figure that one out. (Well, were I ever on LJ talk)

Heh, Abyss. You'll make an Asch fan of me yet.

Asch: "I don't have time to play with you anymore! This ends here!"
Japanese: "This intimacy ends here!"

Oh, pity. I was just starting to get accustomed to his face.

it's when elvaron plays as Asch that I'm, "HEY ASCH THAT WAS AWESOME :D". He has this attack that I've only seen El do (well, I think it's his, it might be Anise's...) that creates lots of pink sparkly shaped things. So cute!

Tear: "I can give up on you anytime." Oh, I don't quite like that talk, but then when I committ myself to something I'm there til it sinks, so. But she's willing to give him a chance.

Me, I'm:
I'll never give up on you.
Well... I don't know if you'll change,
so maybe one day I will, but it'll take a lot to make me walk away,
and I'm not planning to go just yet.
You're stuck with me! ; )


Mieu: "Master is better and I'm happy! :)))))"

This is as bad as the time that I went to take a break from studying by watching Pumpkin Scissors and Suzuki Chihiro was discussing terms of a contract in that episode :((

Tear says when Van was young and lived in Yulia City the kids used to make fun of him for being an ignorant kid from the Outer Lands. And also that that beard is to make him look older
'cause people were jealous of his meteoric rise when he joined the Oracle Knights. Oh, Van. I do believe I just had a positive canon thought about you.

Good guidebook, that English one, nowhere near as lousy as we were all fearing, but I still think it works best with the FAQ. The good thing about it is it tells you EVERY sidequest and when to trigger when it happens, but the bad thing is the linking between scenes isn't very good. Then again it is a guidebook, not a walkthrough, but yeah.

It always makes me wonder HOW people do anything much without the guidebook. I mean a lot of these quests would never occur to me! The worst case of this is MYST when you NEED the guidebook to play, but subevent wise Abyss is up there too, really. Sometimes subevents feel like the Butterfly Effect because if you speak to a man in Vaticul, you'll find a book in Yulia City! and stuff.

Also I had no idea the recipe system was that complex and fascinating, I LOVE COOKING! I didn't even think about gaining experience points with cooking, all I do is choose the person most likely not to spoil the food. It's always Guy with my preferred party, but when it was Asch-party I let Asch cook all the time because I knew he wouldn't ruin the food. I don't like wasting ingredients - so no, not going to let Natalia fail cooking ten times to get a skit, you can get it off here anyway.

I do dream I'm Asch, whenever I'm very stressed. In one dream I was Asch and stalking Luke. PRINCESS LUKE, OKAY, IN A DRESS. But he was still a boy. And in another, urk, it was Asch/Luke AS HELL but Asch was completely disgusted by it the next day, and when I say that I mean I was him and that meant I was disgusted but it also meant the REAL me was disgusted at HIM for being disgusted.

Most of my dreams these days have been exam nightmares - I have never had them this bad, actually - two days before my Japanese exam I dreamt that I'd forgotten how to write the hira あ, and a week before my Constitutional Law I dreamt that I had to do my exam in London, and two nights before THIS PROPERTY LAW EXAM I dreamt I was handed a hypothetical problem question and every single name in the paper was replaced by an Abyss character name. No kidding. Luke and Tear had an equitable interest in a property that somehow was never registered and thus never became a legal interest.

kurot Abyss fanart icons! Made with permission, and utterly gorgeous! *grin* The Sink one is so cute.
1st-Dec-2006 02:52 am (UTC) - Heeyyyy there!
Such a long post! I read it all and ummm... I think I need to read it again for it to make sense!

And lol at this bit: But of course Asch is a party all his own, except NOT, and arrch called at this moment so I lost my train of thought.

*pat pat* I do wonder what you were going to write next! I am surprised I could possibly even derail your Asch!thought-train!

And yay for finding the gaming store (and wow, so much help from people you know!). Christmas coming up so fast :(
1st-Dec-2006 03:23 am (UTC) - I need an icon that says "NOT ANOTHER ABYSS POST"
Asch's face would be PERFECT for that icon. XD

*laughing* I wrote it over today and last night, actually - I just wanted to scribble all my impressions of the game down. I talk a lot. XD

*laughing so hard* I really lost my train of thought, and did not care to catch it again since it's about Asch and I talk about him enough. XD

Yes! *grin* It was so much fun! It was great being in that store and talking to people - the fascinating thing is, once you know someone at the store the other people are more ready to talk to you and share stories too! :) ... either that, or it helped being a girl. XD

OH MY GOD YOU DON'T SAY. XD actually, thank you for recommending that store, I found the perfect Christmas present for my brother. He wants me to give it to him right away! XDDDD NO NEED TO WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS XD
1st-Dec-2006 03:30 am (UTC)
As if it is even in question. Duh. XDXDXD

<33333333 Love you!
1st-Dec-2006 03:45 am (UTC)
I wanted to give you a happy end-of-papers present! :)

*grin* Turbo and Tiger look really good, but Dragon is HAIR PWNS FACE WHY. I mean he could be ANYBODY, MAN.

1st-Dec-2006 03:52 am (UTC)
I do dream I'm Asch, whenever I'm very stressed. In one dream I was Asch and stalking Luke. PRINCESS LUKE, OKAY, IN A DRESS

... I'm sorry, but my first thought was OMG CHRIS DID YOU TURN INTO MANTA? Uh. Don't mind me. XDXDXD

And are your exams finally over? <333333333 And OHOHOHO on the DTG posters, hee, show them to me before you mail them out so I can LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH. :D
1st-Dec-2006 04:56 am (UTC) - this icon's keywords are MAYBE YOU'RE MY LOVE.

Not just yet! Last exam one week from now - and on my BIRTHDAY TOO, WIN. I have never had an exam on a birthday before - first birthday I'm back home too, MORE WIN. SHIIII.

! Y'wanna take a look? Sure! ; ) I was meant to show you something when we next met at any rate - at least I think so, I forgot. AND ALSO NIC TSE BYAKUYA HOHOHOHO. I'll show you the posters and we can write eviiiil comments on the back y0 we can write letters to Eve and Zen and I think I might pass the posters to Zen directly? 'cause she's gonna be back so soon? WE CAN LAUGH TOGETHER.

Dragon's poster makes me sad because Turbo and Tiger's are so damn cool funky good and Dragon's one is HAIR PWNS FACE AND CLUTCHING THE SCREEN THE HELL. XD YOU WANT IT?

1st-Dec-2006 03:53 am (UTC)
Did you get the skit where Anise comments on Asch's cooking? I thought it was really funny (when I got Asch in my party the first time I zoomed through the sequence as fast as possible except for getting Natalia's hi-ougi, but you can get it again on the Mushroom Road sidequest). :)

The subevents are hard to trigger, yeah. I MISSED the Frings subquest and I'm still annoyed about it. ^^;

I hope your exams and papers get finished soon so you get a break from the stress..
1st-Dec-2006 04:52 am (UTC)
Heh yes, I did - but I must say that the skits lose a lot of flavour once it's unvoiced, as it is in the English definition. And as other people have complained, some of the stuff gets really cleaned up. Like Anise's Asch impersonation's "I'll satisfy your tongue anytime" became the much milder "Anything to please your palate". Having actually seen the voiced skits in Japanese really makes me feel the difference - and not in a good way. I get very impatient with the skits because there aren't any voices - and no way to speed 'em up either.

EHEHEHEH, you remind me of me! I did eventually become more accustomed to Asch, but by then it was time to let him go. I did consider switching to other party members to lead, but then I figured I'd have to them all the time and I should just have Asch when I had Asch.

There should be huge pointers indicating TRIGGER SUBEVENT HERE. I find that sometimes there are four or so subevents to trigger at the same time, and I get two and miss the other two. Hate that. VATICUL WHY DO YOU TREAT ME SO BAD.

OH ARGH, I've seen other people miss the Frings sidequest, too - man, I felt their pain. Sometimes I wonder whether knowing so much about the game isn't actually a bad thing sometimes - I'm just aware when I miss out on things, and painfully so!

*smiles* Thank you so much! I can't wait for them to end too - this year has just been a way too busy year for me. Too many major exams. But I also find that I never enjoy breaks more than when they come in between the stress. ;)
1st-Dec-2006 04:09 am (UTC)
D: Where is the damn entrance? *makes that sound so wrong*
1st-Dec-2006 04:37 am (UTC)
The damned entrance is right next to the entrance we couldn't get into. *makes it sound even wronger* XD

I mean literally. Like whirlpool entrance turn left (I just kept going and there it was bang). And Asch is so funny in the mirror cave too, you would have loved him! We'll do that again when you're next free. ♥ Thank you so much :))

I KICKED MYSELF SO HARD when I found it. But Sharon had problems finding it too, so at least I don't feel so bad. That, or my area is under a miasma of WHUT. XD
1st-Dec-2006 04:53 am (UTC)

It pains me to say this, but Asch can actually be really cute.

And everybody... kind of does love him! Only he's so prickly and RAWR and no, really, Asch, just shut up and let everybody love you. DOLT. My favourite Asch .gif is actually the one on the all-Asch site that has EVERYBODY BUT EVERYBODY jumping on Asch and GIVE THE MAN SOME LOVE! And Asch is bottom of the love-the-uke pile and struggling like he don't like it.

YAY for the Asch love :D

You'd love Asch soon!
1st-Dec-2006 04:58 am (UTC)

You'd love Asch soon!
Some people think I already do. D<

Well if I do it's the love-hate kindergarten relationship kind of way by which THROWING ROCKS and MOCKING the person you love means you REALLY REALLY TRULY MADLY DEEPLY LOVE THEM.

Ah well, I was like that with Orlando Bloom and Legolas, too.
1st-Dec-2006 06:33 am (UTC)
Haha oh well, if you can't love the rooster, at least love the chick XD
1st-Dec-2006 07:03 am (UTC)
But I love Asch wonderfull well when he's you ♥

I like eggs. :)

And chicks are so cute... *fluffs their feathers and pets them*

Roosters, however... They scratch. And make a lot of noise.

*pets rooster feathers when rooster isn't noticing*
... even though sometimes I want to PULL!
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
1st-Dec-2006 06:35 am (UTC)
Hi, I am kinda new here...

Asch: If you're going to keep bothering me like this, then you'll have to face the consequences.
Luke: You can't do anything to me from where you are!
Asch: Not to you. But to -
Luke: No! Stop! Anything but that!

I was wondering about this too! I was thinking... "Huh? Who wants to do what to whom?" I still don't get it. I assume Asch means he will hurt Luke's friends, but...
- I doubt Asch will ever even *think* of harming Natalia
- Asch should be glad that Jade is NOT harming him
- I have a feeling Anise is not a good person to pick on
- Ion is the Fon Master
So uh, yeah... but well, Asch has always been a weird one...
1st-Dec-2006 07:13 am (UTC)
Hello there! *smiles* Nice to meet you! *grin*

I was wondering the same thing too! I don't really think Asch would actually hurt anybody - but then I realised Luke wouldn't know that. Maybe Asch just said it to keep Luke on his toes.

Asch should be glad that Jade is NOT harming him
*bursts out laughing* I like that! Count your blessings, Asch. *grin*

The sense I got from the skit was that Asch didn't mean harming anybody, though. XD
1st-Dec-2006 09:44 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, I almost missed the subevent involving Guy's sword x_x I think I read an faq or something (after I missed so much my first time in Chesedonia, I just gave in and went for an faq).

I think I also almost missed Guy's ougi-learning events. I just happened to talk to Pere a bunch, thank goodness @_@ I suppose that's one bad thing about this game, stuff is so missable! And getting a lot of it is really arbitrary. I don't think you really need Guy's sword until the 2nd playthrough anyway (for his hi-ougi).

Quite frankly, I think you might grow to hate Asch more :p Especially after Absorption Gate :p
3rd-Dec-2006 04:07 am (UTC)
I read the FAQ first-time round and I knew I had to use it to get through the game. There's just too much that we'd miss otherwise, and a lot of the game isn't intuitive. And it makes one so frustrated, too. It wouldn't be so bad if we could go back and complete, but the subquests only initiate under specific circumstances and only for a very limited window of time, so - Sometimes I think these game designers deliberately make games this way so we'll spend money on the guides. D<

SO MISSABLE AND ARBITRARY IT DRIVES ME UP THE WALL. Makes you feel so good when y'get it, though. *grin*

*griiin* I think it's hard to hate him any more than I already do, but WE SHALL SEE ♥
1st-Dec-2006 10:43 am (UTC)
I have no Luke, I have no Guy, I have no Tear, I have no Mieu, ASCH IS IN MY PARTY, I AM NOT HAVING A PARTY.

I just got to that part. :D AND I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL~~~ I HATE THE MAPPPP. D8

Aah, you linked my icon post. :3 That makes me happy~

Please note that it is past 3 in the morning so my comment might be a bit weird~ ♥ Need sleeeeep. ~_~
1st-Dec-2006 11:53 am (UTC)
Aah, you linked my icon post. :3 That makes me happy~


CHRIS, THANK YOU. <3 You know why it makes me happy! :D Finally icons I like that I can use and throw my principles out of the window! ;)

*just beams* You totally made my day, kuzu! :D Though giaan e-mailing me the pics from London makes me want to go hide in a cave, haha.
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Dec-2006 04:02 am (UTC) - Luke says MASTER VAN I'M FLYIIING
*grin!* Why, thank you! *grin* I'm surprised, 'cause I made it in a cracked-out moment. XDDD

1st-Dec-2006 01:39 pm (UTC) - ToA 2nd Drama CD. :)
HI! xD

Not much time! Read everything, but have to be out of the house by 3pm.. Before dad comes home and finds me here! ;)

click me!

Not by me, but from the ToA community somewhere. xD No time to credit properly, but if you get home before me and the link works, could you give it to the girl who posted it? I'll probably get home late. =/ Don't worry if you have no time though!

Rushing off, byee!
3rd-Dec-2006 04:01 am (UTC) - THANK YOU SWEETHEART *GRIIN*
You're using my Asch/Luke "Imagine Me and You" icon! *grin* How on earth did you find that one? XD I don't even think I used it for long at all - if I used it. XDDDD I didn't think anyone would want to use that one! ... but then people surprise me with the icons of mine they like.

*snugs tight* Thank you so much, sweetheart! I WENT WILD WITH CRAZY JOY. XD Thank you thank you so much - you know how much of a bitch sendspace is to me, and you're so sweet! *snugs tight* *loves*

Got to rush out of the house soon too :( But I'll get to your email soon!! XD
1st-Dec-2006 02:39 pm (UTC)
SEE XD ASCH IS CUTE. Best thing is I didn't expect any cuteness! :D :D :D :D

...darnit, I haven't started studying for FNA yet but STILL!!!!! /converts

My brother and I wasted over two hours running around as Asch trying to find Sheridan/Ortion Cavern (Wyon Mirrored Caves...) because we didn't know we had to get on the Tartarus. D: sometimes, this game doesn't tell you essential things - and then the guide leaves them out too. On his play-ahead brother had problems getting to Shurrey Hills because we didn't know it was in the Qlipoth. ;_____;

We've triggered both Viscount and Sword of Gardios sidequests in our playthrough - the only sidequest we're failed to trigger is Jade's past, so if you really want to see them then just borrow from me :D One of the few things in the game that's purely story-related, and so we... can't really be bothered to play from Baticul again because it's a lot of Gald and about 20 levels later. (Assuming we haven't finished the game by the 7th. :D;;; )

Clearly I need to play this with you and El sometime. >:D~ *plots*
3rd-Dec-2006 03:55 am (UTC) - YOUR WISH IS CLEARLY MY COMMAND XD
My brother thinks he saw you at the Standard Chartered marathon this morning. Heh.

.... fine, he's cute. I still think it's the effect of the Asch-fan contagion! I'm very sensitive!!

*dies laughing* Now I'm waiting for Asch to run out of TP and get caught with his pants down, y0. XD And marry Luke and start up that harem of his. XD

... OH GOD. *comforts* MY GOD, TWO HOURS. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. El and I were in the Tartarus going round for maybe fifteen minutes with great frustration. This game isn't half as straightforward as I thought it'd be. YES. THE GUIDE DOES NOT AT ALL TELL YOU THE ESSENTIAL THINGS. I need to use the FAQ to fill in the gaps, and even so, it doesn't always work.

... I shall remember that about Shurrey Hills. I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS IN THE QLIPOTH EITHER. ... the Qlipoth entrance-exit is in ONE FUNNY PLACE. Eh? The map says it's near St. Binah. But I shall remember it all!

EEE THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ You saved me a lot of heartache and gameplay. 10+ HOURS OF GAMEPLAY IS TOO MUCH going over what I've done before! And YES. PURELY STORY RELATED ARGHHHH.

*laughing* I'll finish my papers on the 7th, so I might drop by and say HAY CONGRATULATIONS ON ENDING THE ABYSS, if you don't mind! XD

1st-Dec-2006 08:35 pm (UTC)
100% NATURAL & automatic

rrrrrrrrrrrghhh did you make it? 8D
3rd-Dec-2006 03:49 am (UTC)
*grin* I'm actually surprised when anyone likes this icon - I made it in a fit of HAHAHA ASCH. XD Thank you so much! ; )

Why yes, I made it myself! I make most of my icons I use myself, unless I say otherwise. *grin* I always find it better - I can say what I want to say with my icons, and I don't need to wait til anyone thinks the same way as me to have it in an icon. ;)
2nd-Dec-2006 09:43 am (UTC)
You know, with the way you talked on and on about Asch, it makes one think you might actually love him .. *ducks!*

Tear says when Van was young and lived in Yulia City the kids used to make fun of him for being an ignorant kid from the Outer Lands. And also that that beard is to make him look older
'cause people were jealous of his meteoric rise when he joined the Oracle Knights. Oh, Van. I do believe I just had a positive canon thought about you.

Oh yes. Oh yes. I know it's wrong of me to think so, but when I saw that Van grew his beard to look older, it just struck me as so impossibly cute. Something you'd see a kid doing.

Makes happy to see there's a positive thought for Crazy McBadtouch in there somewhere though. =O
3rd-Dec-2006 03:48 am (UTC) - Master Badtouch loves you too >D
Neil Gaiman did write: "Anytime I hear a young woman going on about how much she hates a young man, there's wedding garlands in the future!" *grin*

No worries, I'm not gonna throw bricks xD I have a strict no-artist-damage policy XD And you're not wrong - Asch and I are love/hate to the core. The problem with him is that I think he's an utterly fascinating character, and I love the entire concept and backstory and he has a good heart, but oh, he's so unforgivably rude and he can be so frustrating and obstinate!

*grin* It was impossibly cute - a little bit like kids dressing up in their parents clothes. Van's backstory made me realise he had a past too, and a past that made him the way he was, and that he'd suffered in the past made me sympathise with him. He's not an unsympathetic character at all - it's just that what he does to Luke tends to colour a lot of the way I look at him. But oh, Mr. Badtouch, you're a fascinating man, too.

*grin* I probably owe any positive Van-thoughts to you and chibimazoku, really. You made me look at him in a new light. Y'know, Biseinen Sailor Van-Sensei and all that. XD
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