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FF7 Crisis Core trailer: first impressions

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Trailer, screencaps, and trailer translation, many thanks to narugami and harajukufuuri. I didn't even know the trailer was out til elvaron told me, and I just saw it and oh it blows you away.

I had no idea Tseng was so hot, for which elvaron will hit me with a nightstick and say but of course. And Zack, oh, you'll fall in love with him within the first two minutes of the trailer. And Aeris - the emotion this trailer gave me was that of the best of chibirisuchan's before-Nibelheim fic (and oh, Aeris hugging Zack was priceless), and Zack fighting Jenova-crazed Sephiroth was just about one of the best things ever, and you feel the shock more because you actually get to see sane!Sephiroth in this trailer, and you know he was the kind of General you'd have laid down your life for. And and and ONE WINGED ANGEL. I love that when you see something new for something you loved before, it awakens all the love that was sleeping inside of you for that series.

And, oh, _crisiscore_, if you're planning on looking. ; )
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