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Tales of the Abyss Artwork and Fanfiction Recommendations

This Tales of the Abyss fanart site is utter and total love. I mean, way to go with chibi!Luke and the three cheegles following him for the splash page, but what really won my heart was the Asch-on-Kinoko Road game. Go to the art gallery (Pict-> Abyss section-> #8), or this artwork (but if you go to it directly, please visit the front page here too). You start out as Asch on his Mushroom Road quest, and it is ONE HYSTERICAL ADVENTURE AFTER THE OTHER. The first time I played I ended up with a "Bad End" that made me laugh SO HARD and VERY VERY HAPPY because it had Luke, and anything with Luke is automatic win for me. It is very well done. New art for every stage of the game, and it shows you what amazing work can be done with just HTML and artwork alone. Asch constantly put-upon and cranky and grouchy and also abused by everybody (in a good way! really!) and I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. The artwork is genuinely charming - the top-down perspective of Kinoko Road Asch, especially.

Also, kurot did great Abyss artwork here. What I've always loved about her style is that it takes the best of Abyss game artwork and incorporates her own unique touch so that you can tell it is both unmistakeably Abyss, and unmistakeably hers. And, she drew me MieuXGuy, what is there not to love.

rheoster actually did a great chibi Asch biting chibi Luke artwork here, which also makes me laugh uncontrollably although I'd be laughing a lot harder if the positions were reversed.

And what really makes me happy is that excellent Abyss fanfiction has been turning up recently. chibimazoku, belserius and meimi have been doing some excellent work.

Gods, all this stuff deserves to be posted uncut, but it'd just kill flists.

I have an especially soft spot for belserius's Rappig Tales - this one in particular because of Mieu and Peony. The second part is cowritten with chibimazoku and has wonderful Guy/Luke hints and had me helpless with laughter. I am a sucker for well written Guy and Luke - note, this means nonslash and slash, and she does it wonderfully. I also liked this Asch and Dist work very much - she does an excellent terse Asch who'd make a deal with the devil (... or Van, maybe), if it means being able to stop what Van intends.

meimi, of course, wrote what I do believe is the first epic-length English Abyss fanfic out there, Nezach. It's the Abyss English novel I never got! It's so hard to pick my favourite installments, but this particular one is one of my favourites - it has Asch and Luke and GET OFF HIM!Jade. And the idea riffs she gets are amazing too - I love this Asch is an international incident one. My favourite Nezach installment that probably is a massive spoiler if you haven't read the rest of the fic is Luke says YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM HE'S MINE. 'He' being Asch. Instant and complete love.

chibimazoku makes me love Van/Guy. And that particular story also has an artwork-complement in ruaki's art. Heartbreaking beauty in my opinon, because I never thought anything could make me like Van/Guy til this. My favourite story of hers is how Guy got his collar, and it's Guy and young!Luke. That one also comes with maiki art (server's down now but it should be up in the near future). And of course. Awesome! tentacle!rappigs!/Guy.

And because I like all my favourites in one place, narugami's endgame Luke and Guy (spoilers!) story was the first lengthy Abyss fanfiction I'd ever read, and to this day, it's my incomparable. If my heart belongs to any story it belongs to narugami's Abyss fanfiction. I just have this complete and utter love for this story - it's the kind of story that I read when I'm down and it knits me back together and makes me feel that all's right with the world. And her Abyss AU story (spoilers) remains my favourite AU of all time because I get young Asch, and young!Luke, and a story I never knew I wanted until it was right before me.

Abyss C2 Community up on!
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