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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

AHHHHH, SCREAMED LUKE, HOW am I going to be in two places at the same time?!

So much great Abyss news turned up over the past week!

souya posted scans of the 13 Abyss figurines that are going to be turning up: I didn't know there were going to be collectibles for coin-operated vending machines! The scans are in Chinese and refer to "Yajima-sensei" and also has all the Abyss character names in Chinese. GREAT FUN - I have always found Abyss in Chinese to be intensely amusing, not least because Tales of the Abyss is 深渊传说. You could translate it as "Legends of the Abyss". I love that the article ends with "Interested friends, please take note!"

pic_murasaki posted about the 5th Dash Abyss novel - got to say I'm already in love with the cover, not to mention that she was right about me also loving the featured picture - a cheegle and his Master! Thank you for the heads up! *grin*

meimi has also written what I do believe is the best Luke/Asch I've ever read: What He Liked Most (NC17). Any story that has me smiling by the end of the first paragraph has gotta be one for the memories. I'm by nature Asch/Luke to the core, but this one is conversion material! *grin*

The 10th episode of the Tales of the Abyss Web Radio featured Guy's seiyuu, and was absolutely brilliant, and was translated/summarised by pic_murasaki here. Can't stop radiating love at this one. XDDD

Tales of Popularity results up! And here. Luke's second, which took me by surprise, Jade third, Guy fourth, and Asch sixth! I honestly never expected so many Abyss characters to make top ten. maiki has a GREAT post on the announcement of the results - Suzuki Chihiro appears, SO MUCH LOVE.

Also, the Tales forums had an unofficial Tales Popularity poll, and this is the video of the results. I laughed so much watching this video- the maker is clearly a massive Symphonia fan, and even more biased than me. *grin*

sistaofpeace1 transcribed the Contamination Event Subquest - and here. WHOA. Now I can see why harajukufuuri HAD to do this one.

It was an article in Empire that made me realise why so many Abyss fans were watching Gankutsuo - in both the English and Japanese versions, there's a lot of love for those who follow Abyss seiyuu. Guy's English VA's the Fukuyama Jun role (and my heavens, he did Ichigo and Wolf Rain's Kiba, too?), even Yuri Lowenthal's in it (I admit, I go for the English version of KKM for the love, and also to hear Asch being flushed down the toilet and declare himself a MAGISTRATE OF LOVE), and, WHAT?! Yuri Lowenthal is the English GUNXSWORD Joshua?!

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